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First Reviews For Terrifier 2 Praise Wonderfully Brutal Sequel

The long awaited Terrifier 2 made its world premiere in London today at FrightFest. This is one we've been patiently waiting for as Damien Leone's killer clown, Art (David Howard Thornton), has become somewhat of a fan favourite within the horror community. Well, Art made his triumphant return to the big screen today and the first reactions coming in are looking incredibly positive.

After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to the timid town of Miles County where he targets a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

From those lucky enough to catch the film today at FrightFest, these are some of the thoughts coming in via Twitter and Letterboxd-

"TERRIFIER 2 manages to out do its predecessor in every way. It’s both bolder and funnier, its up there with one of the most gory horror movies I’ve ever seen and I feel like I’ve seen most at this point 10/10 #terrifier2" - @AshleyReece
"Terrifier 2... Wow! Probably one of the best death scenes of all time. Art has truly cemented himself amongst the icons of horror... Move aside Micheal Myers! @TerrifierFilm @damienleone #terrifier2 #FrightFest #trickortreat " - @Dominic52897159
"Well @TerrifierFilm was fucking incredible. Bravo. #terrifier2" - @xawakelifelessx
"Terrifier 2 is brilliant - Art is so guileless, then vicious, then funny, then demented! It’s a bloody, brutal no-holds-barred fight to the finish! :D (Also I thought it dipped it’s clown boots in Dream Warriors territory). Art-tastic! #arttheclown #terrifier2 #artisback" - @thomasvye
"I don’t think ANYONE is ready for what an absolutely wonderfully, brutally, insane movie #Terrifier2 is… @TerrifierFilm @frightfest #FrightFest also a wild @IAmJericho" - @AzA__
"This was awesome ! #Terrifier2" - @SarahAppleton_
"So #Terrifier2 is quite the thing - still incredibly iffy in terms of the brutalization of young women BUT ALSO brings in some weird mythos stuff, that may or may not be tied to dreams." - @ephemeragrrl
"So good to see #terrifier2 on the biggest of screens in all its gruesome glory @FrightFest. 140 minutes felt like 140 seconds and I could easily spend many more hours in the creative mind of @damienleone Easily one to add to essential October viewing." - @coles84
"Totally Terrifying Torment from Terrifier Two! Carnage utter carnage!!" - ButcherDOLB
"This was, in every way, fucking sensational!" - Paul Perkins
"First and foremost this film is a gigantic step-up on every level from the enjoyable mixed bag that was the first Terrifier (2016). Everything I liked about the first is back and works even better than before and everything I thought didn't work has been improved upon. Oozing with Halloween spirit and showcasing some of the most grisly kills you are ever likely to see, Terrifier 2 is a throwback slasher that swings for the fences and succeeds at being a supernaturally-charged successor to the 2016 cult classic." - Luke
"Impaling it’s viewer into it’s macabre and viciously depraved environment, deranged delinquents Damien Leone and David Howard Thornton have created one of the most viscerally brutal pictures to grace the cineplex screen. Formally, Terrifier 2 reveals the true extent of Leone’s creative endeavours. The man is a craftsman, and this work is formidable amongst the pantheon of slashers. Accompanied by an arpeggiated synth score that the Safdie’s would be proud of, Terrifier 2 is a malevolent, nasty piece of work fuelled by ferocious on-screen barbarity." - Connor May
"Was originally worried that this would be a slog at 2hrs 20 mins but it never felt like it. It gallops along at a great pace. Much of the same as the first one but ads in some mythology which is a bit bullshit and daft but it’s about a killer clown that doesn’t seem to be able to be killed so isn’t exactly realistic. Kills are just as gruesome made so watchable by the excellent Lauren LaVera playing Sienna. It’s mean spirited and doesn’t pull any punches so it’s not for everyone but neither was the first so expect gore and blood aplenty happening to all manner of people." - Mike Bradbury
"Obsessed with how brutal the kills are, the carnival/terrifier scene was For Me, and i literally Need terrifier 3 asap." - Elanor
"This joins the canon of sequels that are better than their already excellent originals. However, The Empire Strikes Back and Toy Story 2 don’t quite have the levels of violence and gore seen in Terrifier 2. Art the Clown deserves to join Freddy, Michael Myers and Jason in the list of best known horror villains. This is the creepiest clown ever to make it to film. Watch this." - paulcardiff
"It’s brilliantly bonkers, brutal and nihilistic." - Brad Hanson
"Jesus Christ - that’s one of the goriest films I’ve ever seen. It loses itself in the last half hour and it’s about 45 minutes too long - which costs it stars, but by God, when it’s on song - it’s a blood soaked joy to behold! The gore is just first class with some really inventive kills, weapons, close ups.. you name it - it’s all here…." - John Austin
"Jesús Christ this has some of the most inventive and gory kills of the year and maybe the decade. That Art The Clown really likes to play with his food. Finally a proper Gorefest that delivered on it all. It was about half an hour too long and one particular person needed a bit of a recast bless him but this was otherwise ruthless and fun as hell. Bravo to standouts LaVera and Hyman, they were brilliant." - Harry Metcalfe
"If you like seeing someone being fed food after just being shot point blank in the face then his is the film for you. Takes the last film and finds another gear to move up into. Good gory fun." - Malcolm Marr

Terrifier 2 releases across the US October 6th thanks to Iconic Events and Bloody Disgusting, whilst Signature Entertainment are releasing the film here in the UK and Ireland October 24th. For more information head to the films official Facebook Page, Instagram or Website. You can check out the trailer below.


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