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Terrifier 2 Update

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic we ended up patiently waiting for a lot of different movies, one of which is the return of David Howard Thornton's lovable psychotic clown Art in David Leone's Terrifier 2.

To be fair, writer-director Damien Leone has been great throughout and has provided fans with updates on the film's status as regularly as he can. Here's the latest courtesy of Leone and the films Official Facebook Page-

"TERRIFIER 2 UPDATE: Well we officially have a rough cut, guys! And it looks fucking amazing! And it's also 2 hrs and 21 minutes long! #releasetheleonecut

Let me tell you all how I'm feeling right now before I get into where production goes from here:

When I was a kid, I virtually lived in the video store. My absolute favourite thing to do in the world was rent movies based solely on their awesome VHS cover art. It's not like I had google or rotten tomatoes to tell help me decide whether or not a film was worth checking out so it was always a gamble. If the cover art looked great, you rolled the dice. Unfortunately, 80% of the time, the movie never lived up to the poster! Talk about disappointment. Now I was stuck with this crappy, misleading VHS tape for three days. Oh, well. I'll just throw on The Lost Boys for the hundredth time.

After I wrote Terrifier 2, I knew exactly what I wanted the poster to be. It had to capture the essence of all those 80s horror and fantasy posters I grew up drooling over. It would have to make my seven year old self snatch it right off the rack of the video store without thinking twice about it. Friday the 13th meets Red Sonja. Perfect.

But the Terrifier 2 artwork had to be true to the film! It couldn't be misleading. I couldn't let my seven year old self down. The film itself had to live up to the promise of the poster unlike so many others. Well, after seeing this film in it's entirety now (albeit it very rough) I can honestly say this film lives up to the poster and then some. You are all in for a very generous, very fresh and very satisfying horror film that I'm sure will not disappoint. If you enjoyed the first Terrifier, you're absolutely going to love part 2. If you didn't like the first Terrifier....there's still a very good chance you will like this one.

So what now? It's time to head on into the polishing phase of post-production. We will begin tackling the sound design, score, colour correction and some minor vfx (don't worry! The gore is all practical! )

We are also going to keep trimming the fat and refining the film itself. Keep in mind rough cuts are initially quite long but I can guarantee you the final run time of Terrifier 2 will remain slightly over 2 hours long. It's epic! Once the film is in a more presentable stage, we will tackle distribution. We're still aiming for a Halloween release but again, it all comes down to a distribution deal. Just know we're working our asses off day and night and want it out to you guys as soon as possible. In the meantime just take a look at that poster and dream!

Thank you all for the incredible support as always and especially for your patience. I also just want to express again how incredibly proud I am of the hardest working cast and crew I ever had the pleasure of working with. I'm so excited for you to see all of their passion on the screen.

- Damien

p.s. Indiegogo update to follow"


The wait is killing me, but it sounds like Art's return is going to be well and truly worth the wait! We'll share updates as we get them. You can see the trailer below or read our "Exclusive Interview With Art Himself David Howard Thornton".


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