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David Howard Thornton Talks Art the Clown & Terrifier 2 - Exclusive Interview

So the first teaser for Terrifier 2 dropped last week, and fans have gone mental over it! And rightly so, it looks like it's going to be a fantastic sequel to the now cult classic 2016 film. Check out the trailer below.

"After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.  As the body count rises, the siblings fight to stay alive while uncovering the true nature of Art's evil intent."

Of course another reason to get excited is we get to see the fantastic David Howard Thornton back as Art the Clown, who has become somewhat of a fan favourite in the horror community. The actor took over the role from Mike Giannelli for the 2016 feature film, and has been killing it ever since (pun intended)! I managed to catch up with the man behind the make-up to discuss the upcoming film and returning to his iconic role.

Hooked On Horror- Thank you very much for giving us this interview David! Firstly I think everyone wants to know, myself included, how it felt to get back into the infamous Art make-up?

David Howard Thornton- "On a mental/excitement level it felt great! I love the character so much, so I am always happy to return to him! On a physical level, it's ok. It takes about 3 hours to put on, so you get used to it. It's just annoying when the makeup starts falling apart due to my false teeth making me drool or my nose running due to the cold, but you deal as best as you can!"

From the Terrifier 2 Official Facebook Page.

"BTS – Making up Art on the set of T2. Thanks for the cool shot, Tamara Glynn! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!"

HOH- I can imagine that would take it's toll on even the most seasoned artists! As an actor did you take the same approach to the character as you did last time?

DHT- "Pretty much. Though I did want to add a bit more confidence and swagger to the character this time since he was brought back from the dead. Now he knows he is more powerful and harder to kill, so he's a bit more cocky, I guess you could say. He's also just excited to cause more havoc and mischief due to his "rebirth.""

HOH- Sounds like you had even more fun with the role this time! Of course there is a lot of mystery surrounding Art. He's somewhat similar to Michael Myers in the sense not a lot is known about him. Does this film open the character up to the audience or just create more of an enigma?

DHT- "A little of both. We are not revealing his full origin in this film, but there are some clues here and there for eagle eyed viewers. I think leaving a lot of that a mystery is part of the mystique of the character, kind of like Joker. I would say that this film is more of an origin story of our new protagonist Sienna and her relationship to Art."

Lauren LaVera as Sienna.

Credit - Dark Age Cinema LLC

HOH- I really can't wait to find out more! How was it working with the new leading lady Lauren LaVera?

DHT- "Oh Lauren was so much fun to work with. I have to hand it to her, she went through all sorts of hell for this role, especially wearing that costume in cold weather. She's just fantastic to work with and made my job easier! I just adore her, and so will the fans!"

HOH- Definitely looking forward to seeing her face off against Art. In regards to that beloved psychotic clown, can we expect the same ruthless and unsettling Art for the sequel?

DHT- "Oh YES! I would say more so this time since Art is a bit more confident and ambitious this time around. Some of these scenes are brutally vicious and mean... but fun! We feel we set the bar high with the first film with the infamous hacksaw scene and feel compelled to try to match if not top that. You're in for a fun ride!"

HOH- I think I speak for every Terrifier fan when I say that is great to hear. You talked a bit about how many people Art the Clown has killed when you participated in our Quizshow (thank you again!) Can you give us any clues as to how big the body count is?

DHT- "Definitely a bigger body count, especially with one scene."

HOH- Well there you go fans...something else to look forward to. Of course the 2016 film had numerous intense and brutal scenes, and from the first trailer for Terrifier 2 it looks like we'll be getting more of the same. Would you say this is as brutal as the first film or have you tried to go a step further?

DHT- "Oh we've gone further in the terms of brutality than the first one. You can tell that by the first scene in the film. There is one death that is just mean. Art's not even joking around in it. It actually made Damien nauseous when he was editing it. We are swinging for the fences in this film, for sure!"

David Howard Thornton as Art in Terrifier 2.

Credit - Dark Age Cinema LLC

HOH- Wow! can't imagine how bad it must've been to make the director nauseous...

So, going back to the previous film, have you got a favourite death or scene?

DHT- "I loved the decapitation of the exterminator. First, it was just a great decapitation scene. Secondly, the actor playing him, Mike Leavy, is known for being the guy that started the whole scary clown craze back in 2014-ish as the Staten Island Clown. It's a fun Easter egg."

HOH- That was a great death. I was always loved the scene with the hacksaw...regardless of how gross it was. I know you won't be able to say much but is there a particular scene or death that really stood out for you whilst shooting Terrifier 2?

DHT- "I love all of my "babies", but there is one big set piece that we filmed that is just about 10 minutes of chaos that was true joy to film. I got to do a lot of fun stuff. I will also say that the climax of the film is just fantastic! I got to do some fun stunt work there."

HOH- I really can't wait to see what you and Damien have to offer for this film! Again thank you for taking the time out your day to do this interview. To finish I need to ask, do you think this is the last time you'll portray Art the Clown or can fans expect more?

DHT- "Oh I am not done playing Art by a long shot!"


There you have it from Art himself folks, sounds like we've got a lot to look forward to! And of course if this film goes down as well as the first, we could potentially get a third. Right, I am off to go re-watch the first film (which is now available on Shudder).

Like everything else this year (2020 sucks) the film has inevitably been delayed. At the moment there is no release date set for Terrifier 2, but we will be sure to update you as soon as it's announced. For regular updates follow the Official Terrifier 2 Facebook Page.


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