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Where It All Started

From fan group to news & entertainment outlet

Hooked On Horror started as a small fan group on Facebook. When the page started to gain popularity we decided to take it public on Instagram to see if we could continue to grow the group. To our surprise it took off and began growing rapidly, from there a public Facebook page and Twitter account was created. It has evolved into something we couldn't have even dreamed of.

Now we are trusted, loved and respected horror news and entertainment site that is continuing to expand. It has opened doors into new ventures and has given us the pleasure of working with and meeting some truly remarkable people within the horror community, and we hope to continue to do so in the future. As for our fans and followers worldwide, we couldn't ask for a more incredible and passionate audience.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

-The Hooked on Horror Team

Meet the Team

Adam Williams

Adam Williams

I've always been a huge film fan, but horror has always been my favourite genre. For as long as I can remember my favourite films have been Jaws & Halloween. Admittedly I probably saw them far too young but it kickstarted a love and passion for horror as well as a drive to pursue a career within production. From there I went on to study film and tv in both St. David's College and then Aberystwyth University.

I then started the page in 2015 only with the hopes of connecting with like minded people who enjoy horror as much as I do, what Hooked On Horror has become has exceeded my expectations and has opened doors for me I wouldn't have even dreamed of. It's been a fantastic experience seeing this grow into a successful brand and business.

I have also been lucky enough to be able to turn my passion into a career and am currently working freelance in the film and television industry. It can be hard balancing work and this sometimes, but I enjoy both and wouldn't trade either for the world. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to turn what I love into a career. I have even bigger plans for Hooked On Horror and I hope you'll stick with us to see what else we've got to offer.

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Craig Fisher


I am a Welsh Horror and LGBTQ+ Writer and Director specialising in Independent Film-Making. My handful of shorts have gone on to win numerous awards internationally, from the London Short Film Festival (which was in conjunction with HAMMER HORROR), to the International Vampire Film and Arts Festival in Transylvania. A few of my short films can be found on DarkTunes Music group and my sleep paralysis based short Night Mære resides on the Eli Roth / Jason Blum YouTube channel CRYPT TV. 

When I'm not trying to make movies, you can pretty much find me on the sofa with a bottle of red wine watching Horror Movies and TV Shows, or over on IG (@FisherFilms82) posting about what I'm watching, my favourite films, engaging in Horror Challenges and writing little reviews on old and new Horrors. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Adam on a film set, and we became fast friends. Our first project together for Hooked On Horror was the HOH Quiz Show - we spent weeks reaching out to Film-Makers and HORROR LEGENDS (which was a very surreal experience talking to our Idols!) to participate as QuizMasters. We totally smashed that project (which can be found on YouTube and this Horror filled website), so Ad's asked me to come onboard the HOH train as a Writer :-) 


Fingers crossed y'all will like what I have to offer to HOH team.

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Ceris Williams

Ceris Dartnell

I've got to be honest, until I met Adam I was never that bothered with films or horror. That changed dramatically though! I find myself watching things I had never seen before and thoroughly enjoying them. As for horror, I'm still not as big a fan as Adam but there's certain films I will sit there and enjoy. I prefer the ones that have some element of truth behind them or are inspired by real stories. Something like The Silence of the Lambs, Scream or Seven I love as they could actually happen! Jaws and Halloween I have learned to love through the multiple times they are on in our household. For me my love has always been musical theatre, even better when it crosses path with the horror genre as I know we can both enjoy it. You can't go wrong with the likes of Little Shop of Horrors or Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street!

In regards to Hooked On Horror, whilst Ad takes care of most of the writing and posting I take care of the more organisational and business side of things. I enjoy doing it more than he does so I think we've got a good balance at the moment. Seeing how this has grown over the last few years has been incredible and it's been a pleasure to be a part of this journey. As for our fans and followers worldwide all I can say is this wouldn't have happened without you, so thank you!

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Mike Murphy


I am a long-time horror fan and filmmaker, taking a short (5 year…) break from productions. Through my studies (2008-present) the Horror genre, censorship & classification and sex on screen has been my bread and butter – if that bread was mouldy and dropped butter-side down onto a dusty floor.

When it comes to personal taste, I swing from psychological horrors that linger in my mind days after watching, to titillating exploitation that barely passed the censors on original release. There’s nothing better than throwing on a grainy, discoloured, lurid exploitation film on a Sunday morning whilst you’re eating your breakfast.

My first foray into this type of field, was with my own team, SMURFOX INDEPENDENT FILM, that was comprised of individuals collaborating on productions and content for film-loving audiences. After a hiatus, I reached out to Adam, whom I’d studied and collaborated with over the last decade, to gain an opportunity to continue delivering content to those audiences.

What better way to do that, than on a fantastic platform with a great team and a HOH fanbase of Horror fanatics. Here’s hoping my rabbit hole of interest expands Hooked On Horror’s already growing catalogue and brings you the entertainment you all deserve.

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Kourtney Attwell

My love for horror started at a young age thanks to my parents. The first film they introduced me to was Poltergeist which made me instantly fall in love with the genre. When I got to my teens I began to explore horror myself and was able to really delve into different subgenres. This led to me discovering my favourite horror film of all time, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre(1974). I was always told I was crazy for enjoying horror films so much and not being scared easily. I was the friend that brought the horror DVDs to sleepovers, forcing my friends to watch cheesy 2000s horror. I’ve always loved introducing people to different horror films and seeing their reactions.

In 2019 I found the horror community on IG thanks to HOH and their Annabelle meet & greet at Cineworld (who knew meeting Annabelle would eventually bring me here?!). It was amazing to finally be able to share my passion for horror with other horror fans. When creating my account I had no idea it would become what it is today. I have made friends all over the world and had so many amazing opportunities that I am so grateful for. For me it’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. If i’m not watching horror films, i’m playing horror games, reading horror books or creating horror content. 


I’m super excited to share my love for horror with you all and hope you enjoy what I bring to HOH.

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