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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 14 - Terrifier

Oh my god, if that’s how her face ends up I’m not sure I’m going to like this film!

So the TV producer who did the interview the Art the clowns previous victim is sat in her dressing room although it looks rather dark and dingy to me, when she hears scratching behind a costume rail. She goes over to inspect and the disfigured woman she has just been insulting attacks her and gouges her eye out - I already don’t like this film!

Two drunken women are walking back to their car - although they defo shouldn’t be driving and spot Art the Clown watching them - they are 100% screwed! They stop at a pizza place and the clown follows them and presented Dawn with a ring from a toy machine before disappearing into the back of the shop, but he is kicked out by the owner for smearing shit on the walls - which makes me gag thinking about it!

The girls leave and got back to their car only to find one of the tyres slashed - hmm I wonder who did that! Tara decides she is busting for a wee again even though she had been in the pizza place! She sweets talks a pest controller called Mike into letting her use the bathroom in a derelict apartment building where she meet a crazy lady who is convinced her dolly is a real baby! Art decides he is done being sensible, brutally kills two pizza workers and kidnaps Dawn! I mean that was bad enough...Adam's just told me there is a worser kill coming up. I'm not sure I want to carry on watching.

Tara - presumably on her way back from peeing - finds Art in the building where he chases her and stabs her with a scalpel - her attempts to get Mikes attention fails as she is drugged. She wakes up to find herself tied to a chair and her friend Dawn hanging upside down by her ankles and is then forced to watch as her friend is sawn in half, luckily she escapes - until he shoots and kills her! I can see what Adam meant by an even worse kill...that was absolutely disgusting. The crazy cat lady sees this and tries to warn Pest Man Mike who is like nah you crazy lady - bet he wishes he listened to her cos Art whacks him over the head with a hammer and he goes down like a sack of shit! Art steals the crazy ladies doll and she tries to mother him to get her baby back.

Vicky - Tara’s sister - arrives to pick them up and gets lured to the basement of the building by Art. She sees a body that she thinks is Tara’s but psych - it’s Art wearing crazy car ladies breasts and scalp as you do! Mikes co worker arrives but Art gets rid of him by chopping his head off - this guy has serious issues! Vicky legs it but sees Tara and stops to grieve - rookie mistake - Art attacks her however Pest Man Mike arrives and saves the day but knocking Art unconscious! They call 911, however of course Art wasn’t down for long - this guy was said to be dead so god know what it takes to keep him down - and he kills Mike. Vicky escapes to the garage but Art is still one step ahead and drives a pick up truck into the garage and injures Vicky - even more than she already is. He then proceeds to eat her face - this is very deja vu of the lady from the start of the film. The police arrive and Art decides he doesn’t fancy being arrested so shoots himself in the head.

Art and the people he killed are taken to the morgue but when the mortician opens his body bag he comes back to life and strangles him - of course he does! One year later Vicky is released from hospital and no way she IS the woman from the start of the film. That was a pretty cool way for the film to go full circle. Beginning makes more sense now. But ye...not for me.

This film was horrible and I hated it! Art scares the hell out of me, and the it was intense. I'll stomach most things but seeing a woman sawn in half may just be my limit. Well done to the crew for the effects nauseating as they were. I mean it was a good film however it terrified me (no pun intended) and that’s mainly cos this could actually happen! I think I'll play it safe and avoid ever watching this again.


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