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Killer Klowns From Out Space: The Game Set For 2023

So we may not be getting another film, but the Killer Klowns universe is indeed expanding. Terravision Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment made a shock announcement today as they revealed a Killer Klowns From Outer Space video game that is set to release next year.

Based on the 1980’s cult classic film of the same name, Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game is a multiplayer, asymmetrical (3 vs 7) horror game that pits three Klowns against seven Humans. Klowns win by capturing most - or all - of the Human citizens of Crescent Cove, while Humans win by either de-activating the Klown’s Big Top spaceship, escaping the map before time runs out, or keeping the majority of the townsfolk alive for the entire round.

Players will have the choice of playing as one of those iconic Klowns, or as a human trying to defend earth and defeat the out-of-this-world visitors.

As a Klown, players will have access to a wide variety of silly - but powerful - tools. Players can select from one of five (5) Klown classes (The Scout, The Fighter, The Tank, The Tracker and The Trapster), each with unique special abilities such as a balloon- animal dog you can conjure to sniff out opponents, or an AOE LOL attack that heals your allies and debuffs your enemies.

  • The Scout: Jumbo- Jumbo is a Klown-of-all-trades. His Penta-Shot blaster is a shotgun-like weapon that can hit up to 5 targets at once, he can chase you down and whack you with a Klown Mallet, or make you come to him with his Finger Lure.

  • The Fighter: Shorty- The Klown of Klash! Shorty can one-punch KO any opponent, or take you out at a distance with his Cotton Candy C4 launcher. If you think you can outrun him, Shorty will run you down on his tricycle, or pop out of a pizza box.

  • The Tank: Chubby- This absolute UNIT of a Klown uses his Unstoppable Rage to break through walls, while his Cotton Candy Ground Punch levels nearby humans. Chubby loves to share his pies - willing or not; one bite incapacitates his victims.

  • The Tracker: Spikey- Between his Popcorn Bazooka tracker and trusty balloon dog, there’s no hiding from Spikey. He may not be the fastest, but if he needs to get somewhere quickly, he can summon his invisible car and speed off toward his victims.

  • The Trapster: Rudy- While his brethren seek and destroy, Rudy plots and traps. His Baby Klown Snake (evil jack-in-the-box) and Popcorn Mines (exactly what they sound like) will snare any unsuspecting human who triggers them.

Look, we love campy horror. That’s why our five playable Human classes are based on camp horror staples: Teens, Punks, Cops, Rednecks, and Bikers. Each class comes with its own strengths and weaknesses; and players will need to use teamwork, stealth, and good-old-fashioned resourcefulness to beat back the merry menace.

  • Biker- You’re the baddest of the bad and everyone typically hates how brash you are. You’re not the fastest runner, but your strength lets you carry more and hit harder than anyone else in town. If one of those Klowns gets near you… well, you’ll just have to knock their block off!

  • Cop- Being a cop in a small town isn’t the action-packed career you imagined. Years of yelling at skateboarders and writing parking tickets leaves you wanting for a piece of action. But they’ll see! No one is going to make a clown out of you! Especially these… Klowns!

  • Punk- Armed with tattoos, cheap beer, and a slightly above average knowledge of the political machine, you’re a force to be slightly concerned about. Your fighting ability is only exceeded by your running ability, probably from years of evading Officer Hardass in your younger days.

  • Redneck- Ever since Uncle Jim Bob told you about being abducted in ‘84, you vowed to never let it happen to another soul. Something about seeing him on an inflatable donut makes you weep. Now it’s time to make good on that promise. Grab your trusty shotgun and aim for the Klowns’ red nose!

  • Teen- Kids these days. You can’t throw (or take) a punch, you have too much energy, and are always sneaking around. But while you may be everything the older generation hates, you’ve got exactly what it takes to keep Crescent Cove safe from the Klown invasion.

The game will also feature an array of weapons as seen in the film, as well as maps re-creating locations made famous by the cult classic 80s film.

We’re all familiar with human weapons: Axes, lead pipes, shotguns, etc. But what about the Klown arsenal? What the hell kind of weapons do Klown aliens from outer space use? Some are sweet, some are savoury, some will have you giggling like a child! But every one of them are deadly.
In-game maps are inventive, but faithful recreations of iconic locations from the Killer Klowns from Outer Space movie. Locations and objectives are randomly generated for each match, keeping each session new and interesting for players.

The game will release early next year, an exact date hasn't been announced as of yet. Killer Klowns From Outer Space The Game will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

You can check out the announcement trailer below. For more information and to sign-up for beta head over to the game's Official Website.

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