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Killer Klowns Announced For Halloween Horror Nights

Killer Klowns From Outer Space make there comeback at this years Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal has promised to leave guests screaming, but not with laughter with a brand new attraction based on the iconic 1988 film.

There’s nothing funny about these Killer Klowns who’re back to make gooey, out of this world snacks out of you and your scream squad. If ever there’s a reason people are afraid of clowns, this is it.

The new haunted house is set to trap guests in a frightening funhouse of murderous clown-like creatures hell bent on getting you into a cotton candy cocoon!

If ever there’s a reason why people are afraid of clowns, this is it. The Killer Klowns from Outer Space have landed. And the joke’s on you if you let you and your scream squad end up as gooey, out of this world snacks in the Klowns’ cotton candy cocoons. These Killer Klowns won’t have you screaming with laughter – just screaming.

And to promote the upcoming event at Universal Hollywood, they've given us fans a new Killer Klowns short film.

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 begins on Friday, September 2 in Orlando with 10 terrifying haunted houses and Thursday, September 8 in Hollywood with eight frightening haunted houses. Both events will run select nights through Monday, October 31, and additional details will be revealed soon.

For more information on packages and tickets head over to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights Website.


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