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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 16 - Scream 4

So we are back with the Scream franchise. Just to add I haven't seen 2 and 3 but Adam's filled me in on what I've missed.

So the telephone rings and obviously we know something bad is going to happen, although it turns out to be a horror film - Kristen Bell stabbing her friend made me jump mind!

Art by Medusone.

Marnie & Jenny are discussing horror films and Jenny tricks Marnie, however starts to panic when Marnie dies. The phones rings again and Jenny answers before running away from new ghostface who has just thrown Marnies dead body through the window. I’m not sure why she tried to escape through the garage door as it was never going to end well .... we all know ghost faces track record with garage doors!

Sidney arrives on her book tour to find the town covered in Ghostface masks. Dewey is back too and is married to Gail now however the deputy sheriff clearly has a crush on him!

Sidney’s cousin Jill and her friends receive a creepy phone call while driving to school and are asked what their favourite scary movie is - and we all know what happens when this question is asked.

Gale visits Sidney’s book signing, however it is interrupted by Dewey and the police who tell them a phone stolen from a crime scene has been traced to the bookshop. Dewey rings the phone which ends up being in the trunk of Sidney’s rental car - convenient - and when the trunk is opened the phone, a knife and blood smeared photos of Sidney are lying in the boot! At school the students are made aware of Marnie and Jenny’s murders and Gale tells Dewey she is going rogue when he refuses to let her help with the investigation.

Sidney is told she has to stay in town as she is a material witness to the murders but will have 24 hour protection while she is in town. Jill is back at home and it scared by her ex-boyfriend who has snuck into her bedroom and asks why she is in the same house as Sidney when she had a phone call from the killer? - I think he has something to do with this!

Jill and Kirby are watching Shaun of the Dead in Jills house and Olivia is across the house on the phone to the girls. Trevor calls and it turns out to be Ghostface who tells them he is in the closet - Kirby either stupidly or bravely - opens the closet only to find out he meant Olivia’s closet. Olivia gets killed and gutted - which is grim. Sidney runs over to confront Ghost face to tells her on the phone she will die when he is ready. Jill comes over to check on Olivia and ghost face attacks however this time Sidney is ready and fights back - shame he moved too quickly and didn’t get caught!

Gale enlists the help of the 2 movie club buffs Charlie and Robbie to help catch the killer. Sidney fires Rebecca after finding out she is planning to use the murders to increase books sales - Rebecca in a huff storms off the the parking lot where she receives a phone call from the killer and is then killed - even I saw this one coming.

Sidney has agreed to speak to the Woodboro High Film Club, where the two people who run it describe the best way to kill. Gale learns about Stabathon happening that night - this is 1000% going to end with several people dead!

Gale sneaks into the Stabathon and sets up hidden camera to catch the killer, however this backfired when the cameras stop working. Gale goes to fix them and the killer appears behind her - luckily Dewey arrives after being told by Gale where the film is happening and scares away the killer. Gale tells Dewey there was a camera watching her and the killer is filming the murders.

Back at Jill’s house the two police officers are about to complete a perimeter check and one says ‘I’ll be back’ before realising he shouldn’t have said that! The perimeter check leaves both officers dead - how the one stabbed in the brain is still moving I don’t know! Sidney answers the phone and speaks to the killer and realises Jill is gone, she runs downstairs to tell Kate however it’s too late and she gets stabbed too! Deputy Hicks arrives and Sidney makes a brake for it and goes to Kirby’s house to save Jill - I think death is going to follow her!

Jill, Kirby, Charlie, Robbie and Trevor are at Kirbys house - how many of them will be dead before the end of the film? They are watching the Stab movies. So it’s Robbie down first - even saying he is gay doesn’t help him! Once again Sidney arrives and evades the killer - even I’m starting to think she may have someone to do with it. Sidney and Kirby are locked in a downstairs room and Charlie appears at the window. Kirby won’t let Charlie in and he gets attacked by Ghostface but not killed - he has something to do with it! Kirby gets the questions right to free Charlie who then stabs her when she frees him - I bloody knew it!!!

Sidney goes to find Jill who is missing. She is grabbed from behind by Charlie and then stabbed by a second ghost face - ITS JILL! I've got to be honest, this threw me a little. I didn't think she was going to be involved.

Trevor has been tied up in the closet and is shot by Jill who they are trying to frame. Jill tells Sidney she did it as she were jealous of how the family treated Sidney growing up! Charlie hasn’t watched enough horror films though as he would know he is going to be stabbed by Jill - oh well his bad!

Jill stabs Sidney and then herself to make it look like she is the sole survivor in the scene or horror - she went to some serious effort to make herself look injured I must admit! Dewey and the police arrive to find the bodies of the teenagers and Sidney but Jill is still alive!

Dewey visits Jill in hospital and tells her that Sidney is in ICU alive and may pull through. After Dewey leaves Jill gets up and walks into the corridor. Dewey visits his wife and realises Jill couldn’t have know Gale was stabbed in the shoulder unless she caused it. Jill has made it to Sidney’s room and tries to kill her until she hears Dewey running up the corridor and into the room before hitting him over the head with a bedpan. Gale is back and gets saved by Judy who eventually gets shot by Jill.

Sidney manages to charge the defib machine and Gale asks to have a final word .... ‘clear’ and Sidney define Jill who drops to the floor. Just as we thinks it’s over Jill is up again with a shard of glass but Sidney shoots her.

I enjoyed this film and felt like it used the original film well but it wasn’t too much of a copy. Would be happy to watch again, quite curious to watch the other 2 as well!


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