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Thir13en Ghosts Blu-ray Collector's Edition Coming From Scream Factory

Collectors rejoice! The 2001 film Thir13en Ghosts is getting the collector's edition treatment from Scream Factory.

"What a house! It's all steel and glass and elegance – and it all belongs to Arthur Kriticos and his family as an unexpected inheritance. You could say it's their dream home. Especially if the dreams are nightmares. Awesome ectoplasmic specters populate Thirteen Ghosts, an effects-rampant remake of the 1960 William Castle haunted-house film from producers Gilbert Adler, Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis, who conjured up the equally terrorific House On Haunted Hill (1999). Tony Shalhoub leads a cast that includes Embeth Davidtz, Matthew Lillard, Shannon Elizabeth, Rah Digga and F. Murray Abraham. The house itself is a design marvel and a mysterious puzzle-cube whose eerie corridors, sliding walls, spinning floors and phantasmic fiends may allow no escape."

A must-have for movie collectors and horror enthusiasts, this definitive Blu-ray release contains special bonus content, including new audio commentary, interviews and more.

The Bonus Features include-

  • NEW Audio Commentary with director Steve Beck

  • NEW Haunted in Canada – an interview with actress Shannon Elizabeth

  • NEW The Voice of Reason – an interview with actor Matthew Harrison

  • NEW Sophomore Spookshow – an interview with producer Gilbert Adler

  • NEW The Juggernaut Speaks- an interview with actor John DeSantis

  • NEW The Hammer Speaks- an interview with actor Herbert Duncanson

  • Thir13en Ghosts Revealed

  • Ghost Files: A Haunted Houseful of Poltergeist Profiles

  • Original Electronic Press Kit featuring interviews with the cast and crew and behind-the-scenes footage

  • Audio Commentary with director Steve Beck, production designer Sean Hargreaves and special makeup effects artist Howard Berger

  • Theatrical Trailer

  • TV Spots

The collector's edition is set for July 28th 2020 release from Scream Factory.


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