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Jason Blum Offers Update on Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills producer Jason Blum caught up with Entertainment Weekly recently. And whilst the main focus of the interview was David Koepp's You Should Have Left (which is now available from various on demand services), the producer did offer an update on when we'll be seeing Michael Myers again.

Image credit - Fangoria

"Well, we’re trying to get that trailer out and trying to get that movie out before the end of the year. That’s our hope, dream, and plan. We’ll see."

When he was asked if he could say anything more regarding the film, he remained pretty tight lipped.

"If you liked the previous one, you'll like this one, I’ll say that. [Laughs]"

I'm trying to remain hopeful with Halloween Kills but after the endless list of delays we've already experienced this year, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Blumhouse & Universal chose to delay the highly anticipated sequel. Fingers crossed.


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