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Horror Rom-Com 'The Hills Have Eyes For You' Lands at Netflix

Netflix has acquired the romantic horror comedy The Hills Have Eyes For You. You may be thinking it already sounds kind of cheesy, but believe me you've got something to get excited about!

As reported by Deadline, the film is being written by David Stieve, the man behind the fantastic horror slasher mockumentary Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, and Tucker & Dale vs Evil director Eli Craig has officially signed on to direct the feature.

“This is a unique underdog love story with genre bending scares and a lot of laughs. I think I’ll be in my element for this one.” - Eli Craig

Farah Films Dan Farah will produce with Stephanie Davis as co-producer and Andrew Farah as executive producer. Producer Dan Farah called it “a fresh and fun love story set against the backdrop of an elevated horror comedy.” Surely combining these two can only mean a great film; Tucker & Dale & Behind the Mask were both fantastic films so I'm incredibly hopeful for this!

More to follow.


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