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Halloween Horror Nights Returns This Year With Beetlejuice

Universal Studios Florida are set to welcome back their annual event Halloween Horror Nights this September with the Beetlejuice announced as the first Haunted House

Last year, we made the difficult decision not to hold Halloween Horror Nights. Now we’re back for our 30th year and can’t wait to make you scream. Experience terrifying haunted houses, sinister scare zones, outrageous live entertainment and some of the park’s most exhilarating attractions. You definitely need someone to cling to, someone to hide behind, somebody to panic with. Because just as in horror films where the first to wander off meets a terrible fate, there’s one thing to remember at Halloween Horror Nights: Never go alone.

Halloween Horror Nights 30 will run on select dates from September 3rd through to October 31st. As announced by Universal Orlando - "Say it once. Say it twice. Say it three times. It’s time to turn up the juice and see what shakes loose as the original film comes to life, more twisted and terrifying than ever. Beetlejuice will haunt, taunt and send you screaming out of the haunted house."

  • He’ll torment you as you wander checkerboard hallways and abandon you to your fate in the Lost Souls Room.

  • He’ll menace you through the model graveyard and join in the fun of Dante’s Inferno.

  • Be a part of the infamous dinner party scene and witness Beetlejuice’s chaotic wedding. It’s showtime!

Beetlejuice looks like the first of ten different Haunted Houses to be announced. It looks like Universal are going all out with this years Halloween Horror Nights after having to cancel the last years due to the Corona Virus pandemic. In addition to the Haunted Houses there will be multiple Scare Zones, Halloween twists on their existing attractions in the park, new live entertainment and of course special HHN merchandise and dining. You can head over to the Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 30 website for more info and regular updates. We'll be sure to update you all as the news breaks. For now you can check out the pictures they've released below. This's showtime!

"Be tormented by Beetlejuice in his many different forms"

"Enter the attic with the model town"

"Join in the fun of Dante's Inferno"

"Wander the model graveyard"


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