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Don't Let Them In UK Release Today!

Indie horror flick Don't Let Them In releases in the UK today. You can see the film's trailer via YouTube.

The film released in the US earlier this year and has been met with favourable reviews.

"If you get glib British humour and have a fondness for Hammer House of Horror, then this film is for you. I'm on my second viewing of this and will definitely watch it again, this may very well become a cult classic."
"I love these quaint British made movies that don't have the razzle of Hollywood but still deliver a good flik. As for the 1 or 2 star reviews I've read, seriously, I mean what were you expecting? Worst film ever made? Nowhere near. Take your brain out put it on the table, have a beer and enjoy."

Reviews via IMDB.


The film, directed by Mike Dunkin, follows two social workers as they run into trouble checking in on a rehabilatated mentally ill patient.

"Following the brutal murder of a pretty young girl fifteen years ago, a reformed David Pierce (Scott Suter) is finally released from the asylum and returns to his family home: The Twelve Bells Inn, a long-abandoned hotel. When two social workers (Michelle Luther & Aidan O'Neill) pay him a routine visit, things are clearly not what they seem. Sinister masked intruders spark a savage confrontation, which leads to an all-out assault. Torn between their own safety and a duty to their client, the couragous heroes must outwit and fight relentlessly to survive the night."

Shot right here in Wales on a modest budget, Mike Dunkin (writer-director) & Dan Aldron (writer/producer) have managed to put together a great bit of fun here.

I saw the flick prior to it's inital release in the US as I was lucky enough to work on it. Honestly, it was fantastic shooting it and it's turned out as a great horror flick! I'm confident in saying this is great b-horror movie fun. Few twists and turns, some fantastic gore and influences from classics like You're Next, Evil Dead and The Purge. This is one that's worth a watch.


Don't Let Them in is available to buy on DVD from from Asdas, Morrisons, HMV, & Amazon. Or available to buy or rent from Amazon Prime.


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