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Paramount Rebooting Scary Movie

With Ghostface triumphantly returning to the big screen, and horror in general doing reasonably well over the last few years, I think we all knew this was inevitable. Scary Movie is getting the reboot treatment, courtesy of Paramount.

Scary Movie (2000)

As reported by Variety, the spoof franchise is getting a reboot with production set to start this Autumn.

Paramount Pictures announced that it is partnering with “Fast and Furious” mega-producer Neal H. Moritz to resurrect the dormant franchise. “Scary Movie” is going into production in the fall of 2024, and should hit theaters in 2025.

The film is being made as part of the Paramount’s first look partnership with Miramax, the studio behind the film franchise.  Miramax will fully finance the production, with Paramount handling distribution.

The original horror-spoof released back in 2000 to an impressive $278 million at the worldwide box office and spawned a further four sequels. The franchise disappointingly came to an end with Scary Movie 5 in 2013.

No details on plot or cast as of yet. But with Halloween, Evil Dead, Candyman and Scream making comebacks (and the selection of other fantastic horrors) in recent years, the filmmakers will have wonderful choice of what films they'll be spoofing in this one. Here's hoping they get the Wayans Brothers, Anna Farris, Regina Hall and Dave Sheridan involved! Can you imagine Doofy returning as the killer again?!


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