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Beetlejuice 2 Gets Release Date

So after year and years or rumours and close calls, the ghost with the most is set to make a triumphant return to the big screen next year.

As announced by Warner Bros. Beetlejuice 2 will release into cinemas September 6th 2024- 36 years after the original.

Keaton will be returning to reprise his titular role with Scream star Jenna Ortega set to play the daughter of Lydia Deetz's daughter. Whether or not Ryder will  also be returning, nothing has been announced as of yet. Justin Theroux has also been cast in the upcoming sequel.

Burton is on board to direct with composer Danny Elfman revealing he is also returning in an interview with Deadline last week.

“I love being a fly on the wall when he’s shooting. I’ll be doing that in a couple of months, as you may know, on [Beetlejuice 2]. That is very exciting, to return to that world.”

More to follow.


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