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Beetlejuice Lego Set Needs Support

Build it once... Build it twice... But we dare you to build it Three Times! That's right folks everyone's favourite bio-exorcist Betelguese could be immortalised forever in the form of a Lego Set. But the set needs your support HERE.

Beetlejuice superfan Luis Martinez, also known as Pebbleman, has taken the time to create a Beetlejuice Lego Set...and yes it really is as incredible and fantastic as you think it's going to be. The Lego Set recreates the Maitland's House as seen in the film that then opens up to unveil a variety of rooms where fans can recreate some of the films most iconic scenes.

The set of course comes highly detailed and with a variety of mini-figures that includes the Deetzs, the Maitlands, three variations of Beetlejuice and many more!

As described by the builder himself-

"Beetlejuice released in 1988, Directed by Tim Burton and featuring an all-star cast has become a Pop-Culture phenomenon thanks to its inventive world, uniquely Burton visuals, great performances notably from Winona Ryder as goth teen Lydia Deetz and Michael Keaton as the titular ghost. After the hit film; The ghost with the most has been featured in all kinds of media, from a Saturday morning Cartoon, Toy Lines, Theme Park attractions, a top choice Halloween costume, tons of merchandise, crossovers and most recently adapted into a highly acclaimed Broadway musical."
"While Beetlejuice has had a otherworldly presence in Lego form as a mini-figure in Lego: Dimensions with his own interactive world; it's about time this highly unforgettable haunted house alongside the rest of the Beetlejuice cast takes a chance in becoming a real LEGO Set for all to enjoy. I was more than thrilled in capturing each detail of the Maitland's house to make sure every Beetlejuice fan and even people not familiar with the property would be thrilled to build and explore. Not only is this the perfect Lego Set for anyone looking for good spine-chilling fun, but a great addition to the suburbs of any LEGO City."

Take a venture into the Maitland's household, full of spooky surprises that will knock your socks off:

  • The iconic facade of the Maitland's rural house is recreated to be as close as possible, from its porch, Brick foundation, odd circular windows and towering entrance.

  • Open up the house to reveal it's ghoulish interior; by removing one of the side window and chimney from the exterior you can get an even more ample opening to see even more face-on.

  • The first floor is a gateway to the other side!! Having trouble with the living? Go inside Adam's model and visit Betelgeuse's tombstone (He just made Italian food, just for you!).

  • Take a breather in the Netherworld waiting room to get a chance to talk to Juno in her office, your G-U-I-D-E to the other side!

  • The second floor is the house after it's postmodern redecoration of the Deetz' family. Recreate the unforgettable Day-O scene or the grand wedding crashing finale complete with the crooked fireplace!

  • Replace the Stair handles with the buildable Beetle-snake and scare those pesky living critters once in for all!

  • Don't leave the house!! There are Sandworms waiting to take a bite out of any hapless soul.

  • The final floor consists of the cozy attic, filled with string lights, Adam's painstakingly accurate model of Winter River among other forgotten belongings.

  • In case of emergencies, draw a door, (Don't forget the handle!) and knock three times for a one way trip to The Netherworld.

I've got to be honest folks, I absolutely love this set! The set as a whole in fantastic for any Beetlejuice fan and the attention to detail within the set is incredible. As much as I would like to say it's only a matter of time until Lego turn this into reality, I would be lying. The set, and it's creator really need your support to potentially make this set a reality for Beetlejuice fans worldwide.

Head over to LEGO IDEAS, create an account for free (it takes two seconds) and then head to the BEETLEJUICE - THE MAITLAND'S HOUSE Lego Idea Page and click support to get behind this incredible set. I don't know about you lot, but I'd love to own my own little Lego Maitland's House where the "Ghost With The Most" could wreak havoc!

Check out additional detailed photos of the set below. And head HERE to support the Lego Set.


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