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Anaconda remake coming!

Sony's Columbia Pictures is developing the remake of the late 90s creature feature, with Evan Daugherty (Snow White and The Huntsman) hired to write the script.

The original, directed by Luis Llosa, followed a documentery film crew that comes across a hunter obsessed with finding an anaconda. Even though it failed miserably with critics, the film (starring J-Lo, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, Eric Stoltz, Jon Voight, Kari Wuhrer and Jonathan Hyde) proved sucessful with audiences and has gone on to gain cult following since it's release in 1997. Sadly in this day and age, it's no wonder it is the next film to get the remake treatment.

News of the remake broke from The Hollywood Reporter January 24th. Not a lot of information has been released as of yet, however the site is reporting "Daugherty's take is not a remake or a sequel but a reimagining" with the studio "hoping to take a Meg-style approach to the concept."

More to follow.


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