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Upcoming Documentary The Mothman Legacy Will Release This October

1091 announced today that they had acquired the distribution rights to the upcoming Mothman documentary film- The Mothman Legacy. After running into issues with the original release, 1091 acquired the film and plan to release it just in time for Halloween. It was originally meant to be released this September at the Mothman Festival, however same as a lot of other things this year, the event was cancelled.

The documentary will be available from streaming and on-demand services from the 20th October 2020.

Directed by Seth Breedlove and produced by Adrian Breedlove, The Mothman Legacy is in fact a follow up film to Terror in the Skies and a direct sequel to The Mothman of Pleaseant Point, which released in 2017. Director Breedlove sounded incredibly excited to be bringing further insight into the infamous, and one of the scariest, legends in American history.

“We couldn’t be happier to team with 1091 in the release of our latest Small Town Monsters film, The Mothman Legacy. The crew and I believe we’ve created something truly unique with this project; a terrifying real-life horror story, and a case study on the roots of a modern myth. Featuring interviews with witnesses of the Mothman, alongside experts, authors and locals, this is a story that was begging to be told and we’re anxious to unveil this untold chapter in the mountain states monstrous past.”

Check out the trailer below.


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