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Lets Begin October In Style!

For most of us here, our favourite time of year is just around the corner. Many of us will be decorating the house, starting month long Horror Film Challenges on socials, dusting off the ole Halloween Collection and generally just getting in the mood to celebrate all that we love about the night of Samhain.

The Dead Of Night Film Festival begins the month of October in style with 12 HOURS of horrific fun THIS COMING SATURDAY!

The Dead of Night Film Festival is brought to you by Two-Headed Snake Entertainment and The Liverpool Horror Club and is part of the ever growing International Horror Film Festival Circuit. It is currently the only horror film festival in Merseyside, England!

The objective of the festival is to bring new independent horror shorts and feature length movies to the genre loving public of Merseyside, and this year reaching out to a much larger audience.

'We know it can be hard for Independent Filmmakers to get theatrical releases for their movies and we want to help get them the audience they deserve.'

Film festivals are such an important part of independent horror cinema and are the best way to get the filmmakers movies seen around the globe. And being a Film Maker myself, I can most certainly agree that my short films would not have been seen by so many if it were not for the festival circuit.

This year is going to be very different. Due to the restrictions with CoVid-19 the festival team have had to change up how they do Dead of Night.

'To keep everyone safe we have decided to go virtual and bring you a full day of horror at home this October 3rd. FOR FREE!!!

  • The team have selected 27 brand spanking new independent short horror movies, spanning 7 countries including Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Iran, United States, Brazil and France.

  • 1 gloriously demented quiz.

  • 2 twisted bedtime stories.

  • 4 filmmaker Q&As showcasing the cream of the crop of the independent U.K. horror scene including -

Here is this years programme for The Dead of Night Film Festival Virtual Edition, which is totally FREE to anyone, ANYWHERE in the world.


12:00 - Short Showcase 1

13:00 - Bloody Cuts Short Showcase

14:00 - Q&A with Bloody Cuts

14:30 - Interval

15:00 - Short Showcase 2

16:00 - Q&A with Dark Rift Films

16:30 - Interval

17:00 - Short Showcase 3

18:00 - Q&A with SuperFreak Media

18:30 - Interval

19:00 - Short Showcase 4

20:00 - Q&A with Dark Temple MP

20:30 - Quiz/Interval

21:30 - Short Showcase 5

22:30 - Story time with Thaddeus Bent

23:00 - End

Short Showcase 1:

Hexercise (18mins)

Unholy ‘Mole (6mins)

Stained (10mins)

Franky (1min)

The Body (12mins)

Horrorscope (5mins)

Short Showcase 2:

Dead Teenage Seance (20mins)

Dig Ophelia Dig (12mins)

Santa Baby (11mins)

Malakout (12mins)

Short Showcase 3:

Meat is Murder (15mins)

Make a Wish (8mins)

Yesterday will be Tomorrow (13mins)

Show me Jack (6mins)

Narrow (10mins)

The Housewife (3mins)

Backward Creep (5mins)

Short Showcase 4:

Perfectionist (16mins)

Guest (12mins)

The New Freddy (3mins)

A Christmas Nightmare (13mins)

There’s Someone in the Garden (5mins)

Deadly Scare (7mins)

Short Showcase 5:

Snarl (20mins)

Sleep Tight (11mins)

Replica (12mins)

Salt Water Taffy (10mins)

Bloody Cuts Short Showcase:

Suckablood (7mins)

Don’t Move (14mins)

The Outer Darkness (25mins)

Don’t go Down to Wildor (5mins)

The Birch (5mins)

The Nest (5mins)

So join us on October 3rd for a FREE day of horror at HOME.


Streaming Link:

Event Link:

Chatroom Link:

Merchandise Link:

And here are a few great looking posters for some of the films that will be showing:


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