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Rights to Halloween Franchise Being Shopped Round

Last year marked the end of the Blumhouse/David Gordon Green trilogy. And whilst it was confirmed that would be the end of that timeline, I don't think any horror or Halloween fan on this planet truly believed that would be the last we'd see of our beloved Shape.

Michael Myers

Turns out the rights for the Halloween franchise and Myers himself are currently being shopped round. The latest trilogy was produced by Blumhouse and distributed by Universal as part of a pact with Miramax from a deal with Malek Akkad’s Trancas International Films, and it looks like the rights have reverted back to the Akkad family.

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Trancas International Films are taking offers for both film and television entries into the franchise,

Bloody Disgusting can exclusively report this week that Malek Akkad’s Trancas International Films is actively shopping the rights to the Halloween franchise around Hollywood. For clarity, while Miramax co-owns the film rights, Trancas is the sole owner of all television rights. From what we understand, there is a massive bidding war going on right now for television rights, with several different parties interested and vying for the chance to bring Michael Myers back to life. Bloody Disgusting’s sources have also indicated that Trancas is open to both film and television projects, and they’re currently taking offers from studios and streamers alike.

Everything is on the table at this time with Trancas ultimately being the ones to make a final decision as to what they find appealing or not about any incoming pitches. Miramax automatically comes in on any film deal as well as they currently co-own film rights to all sequels.

A24 and Miramax are the two main companies currently battling it out for the television rights. More to follow.


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