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'Halloween 2018 - 2022: The Official Making of the Films' Book Releasing This October

Can't get enough of that new Halloween trilogy from Blumhouse? Good news then! Titan Publishing is releasing a film companion book that takes fans in for a closer look behind the scenes of David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy.

Official companion book to the most recent trilogy of Halloween films featuring behind-the-scenes photography and interviews with cast and crew.

Four decades after the original Halloween took the world by storm, Miramax, Blumhouse Productions and Trancas International bring a terrifying new trilogy of films in the iconic horror franchise to cinemas.

In these direct sequels to John Carpenter’s 1978 movie, Laurie Strode and the residents of Haddonfield once again fall prey to escaped killer Michael Myers. As the police desperately try to track him down, Laurie, along with her family, prepares to face her murderous nemesis one more time in a confrontation 40 years in the making…

The making of this much-anticipated movie trilogy is covered in fascinating detail in this official companion book. The creative processes behind the stunts, costumes, production design and make-up effects are revealed through interviews with the cast and crew, while captivating on-set photography captures the shooting of the key scenes and action set-pieces. A must for all horror fans, Halloween 2018–2022: The Official Making of the Films reveals the method behind the terror.

The in-depth behind the scenes book, written by Abbie Bernstein, is set to release October 17th and is currently up for pre-order from Amazon UK HERE for £35.19. You can check out a few preview images below.


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