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Resident Evil series heading for Netflix

Although unconfirmed, Deadline has reported a brand new Resident Evil series is currently in development at Netflix.

Deadline's source has revealed the show will be a Netflix original that will "expand the Resident Evil universe and deepen the exiting mythology."

"The drama series will explore the dark inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-virus. While the project is in early stages, the series is expected to incorporate all of Resident Evil’s signature elements, including action sequences and easter eggs."

The film series, starring Milla Jovovich, started in 2002 and finished with The Funal Chapter in 2016. With recent video game releases in the last few years, a new growing popularity for Resident Evil and fans longing for more maybe this could breathe new life into the franchise.

As enjoyable as the films were, it would be nice to have an adaptation more faithful to the games. Fingers crossed!

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