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Phantom of the Opera TV Series Being Developed

Deadline unveiled the news earlier today that another adaptation of the classic Phantom of the Opera is currently in development at Gaumont, the French production company behind the hit Netflix series Narcos and F is for Family.

As reported by Deadline, the iconic novel by Gaston Leroux is being developed into a six part TV mini series. Gaumont's UK based unit is working with writer Anthony Horowitz to "reimagine Leroux’s gothic story about a disfigured composer, who lives in the depths of the Paris Opera House and falls for singer Christine Daae with tragic consequences."

"Deadline understands that the 1910 novel, rather than Andrew Lloyd Webber’s smash-hit musical, will form the backbone of Horowitz’s adaptation, in much the same way that Andrew Davies relied on Victor Hugo’s book to bring Les Misérables to the screen for the BBC and PBS in 2018."


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