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New Pet Sematary Film Moving Forward at Paramount

So after making the horrendously bad 2019 adaptation/remake, Paramount have decided to move forward with a brand new Pet Sematary film.

In an effort to compete with streaming services, Paramount will be delivering three to four titles a year through their streaming service Paramount+.

As reported by Deadline, these include a new Blumhouse Paranormal Activity film directed by Will Eubank and written by Christopher Landon with creator Oren Peli producing, The In Between from filmmaker Arie Posin and a new Pet Sematary film which is said to be an origin story.

"A new origins story feature based on the Stephen King bestseller Pet Sematary, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura producing and a script by Jeff Buhler. Through three movies, Paramount’s Pet Sematary movies have grossed over $175M WW."

The 2019 adaptation netted Paramount a decent profit from a modest $21 million budget so it is no surprise they are re-visiting it again. There's no plot details as of yet but as they have revealed it to be an origins story I can imagine it'll be set before the Creeds and possibly even Judd were involved with it.


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