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New Halloween Figures Coming From Fright Rags

In an interesting, and very exciting, turn of events Fright Rags have announced a series of figures from John Carpenter's 1978 classic Halloween.

But these figures aren't your usual action figures...these Halloween figures are inspired by the classic little green army men many of us grew up with. The NANOFORCE series of figures will include 13 miniature figures (12 two-inch figures and 1 four-inch figure) in total.

"We are very proud to announce our collaboration with Fourth Castle's EMCE Toys brand & Compass International Pictures to create a series of exclusive Nanoforce® figures for John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN! Read below to find out more!"
"WHAT IS NANOFORCE®?Nanoforce® is EMCE Toys's take on the classic "little green army men", but updated with highly detailed 3d-sculpted figures of characters, props and other artifacts from the world of horror, scifi, videogames and anime."

The series will be sold as an entire set this September for the low price tag of $22. Fright Rags will be revealing the set figure by figure on the dates in the above picture.

"This deluxe box contains twelve 2-inch scale, solid unpainted figures (in orange and black for Halloween, of course) plus a 4-inch glow in the dark bonus figure. Each one represents a character or icon from John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN. All packed in a reusable, collectible box, these highly-detailed, 3D-digitally sculpted figures can be displayed on the enclosed map of Haddonfield, which doubles as a checklist."
"RELEASE INFORMATION- Every Thursday at 12pm EST from now thru early September, we will reveal another figure in the set. When all figures have been revealed, they will be made available exclusively at Only 2500 units will be available; retail price $22."

Of course with these only being limited to 2500 units, I can imagine these will sell quickly and become a somewhat expensive collector's item shortly after. Be sure to order yours as soon as they go on sale if you want a chance to get hold of one.


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