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'Movies That Made Us' Collectibles Announced

Nacelle, the company behind such amazing shows like Movies That Made Us and Behind the Attraction, have teamed up with Culturefly to offer cinephiles some truly unique collectibles.

3Deep Collection

The partnership enables Nacelle to expand their brands into the physical media market with an engaging and innovative collection featured at select Walmart stores. Exclusive to Walmart, each of the items on the ‘Movies that Made Us’ collection will include a rental code to choose from a unique selection of titles inspired by each item!

New collectibles included in the 'Movies That Made Us' collection are 3Deep, Nooks and Clingers. 3Deep are sculpted 3D versions of classic video covers that can be hung on the wall or displayed on your desk. The series of VHS covers features such titles like Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Lion King and Jurassic Park. Check out the full gallery below.

Clingers are uniquely retro, interactive scene-builders using vinyl cling decals of characters, props, and comic styled action bubbles to make your own scene on a backdrop. Hopefully those will include some horror titles featured in the series!

And lastly Nooks. These are decorative book nooks featuring characters from horror and Disney titles that can bring your book or movie collection to life on the shelf. As fantastic as these all are, Pennywise steals the show for me here. You can check out the full gallery of Nooks below.

“The collectibles business continues to create excitement as brands tap into more ways to engage fans outside of a theatre and away from their screens. We’re thrilled to introduce this new assortment from Culturefly and Nacelle and look forward to fans finding these exclusively at Walmart.” - Frank Barbieri (Vice President of content and digital merchandise at Walmart U.S.)
“The teams at Walmart and Culturefly have been fantastic partners in this venture to preserve pop-culture and nostalgia for generations that were ‘made by’ these iconic films and shows.” - Brian Volk-Weiss (Nacelle Company Founder and CEO).

At the moment these are exclusive (from Feb 9th 2024) to select Walmart stores only and not outside the U.S or Canada. Fingers crossed that will change as these are stunning pieces most collectors worldwide would love to get their hands on.


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