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Hooked On Horror's Weekly Round-Up (30th March - 5th April 20)

Hey folks, hope you're all keeping safe out there. Hopefully our daily Quarantine Quiz and content is helping you a bit. As this week draws to a close, here's our weekly horror news round up. Greg Nicotero gave us all some wonderful nightmare fuel as he unveiled a huge Spider puppet for Series 2 of Creepshow.

"Even though filming for CREEPSHOW season 2 is delayed, I wanted to give you a little glimpse at one of the puppets IN PROGRESS before “the pause”. A wee bit more hair work and need to connect controllers for body and mandible articulation. It’s tough to get too close to this cause I am terrified of spiders but good therapy I guess. #creepshowtv #creepshow #animatronics"

Brahms: The Boy II headed home in digital download and VOD on Friday (3rd April) Mark Duplass offered us a update on a third Creep film. Unfortunately, according to him they are struggling to write a third at the moment. Sony Pictures released the news that every one of their major films (except two) would not be released until 2021. Unfortunately this included both Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Morbius. Tuesday 31st March marked the 27th Anniversary of Brandon Lee's passing. He was accidentally shot and killed on the set of The Crow after a stunt went wrong.

"It can't rain all the time."

I was sent a screener of the short film The Tell Tale Heart. A wonderfully executed re-imagining of the iconic Edgar Allen Poe story. You can read my full review here on our website.

"A fresh, bold and well executed re-imagining of the classic Edgar Allen Poe story."

Colin Trevorrow shares the first official shot from Jurassic World: Dominion as he continues working in the film from home during quarantine. Looks like Jason Voorhees is getting immortalised in a board game as the first ever Friday the 13th board game is announced. Friday the 13th: Horror at Camp Crystal Lake releases this summer.

We got the first official trailer for the Train to Busan sequel- Peninsula. And it looks absolutely fantastic! Slither celebrated it's 14th Anniversary as James Gunn shared some amazing and never before seen behind the scenes shots from the film.

Naughty Dog took the decision to delay the release of The Last of Us Part II. Already bumped from it's Feb release date to May, the game has now been delayed indefinitely. Universal made the decision to push the release of Nia DaCosta's Candyman sequel from it's original June 2020 release date to September 2020. Paramount Pictures set a brand new release date of September 4th 2020 for A Quiet Place Part II.

Lee Fierro sadly passed away earlier today at the age of 91. The actress was best known for her small yet incredibly moving performance as Mrs. Kintner in Jaws.

That's all the news in the world of horror this week. Please stay with us for more great content and daily questions on our Instagram and Facebook stories for our Quarantine Quiz.

Stay home and stay safe folks.


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