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Halloween Ends Debuts Footage at CinemaCon; First Reactions

Fans at CinemaCon have taken to social media immediately following Universal's presentation tonight after the first bit of footage from Halloween Ends was shown.

Scream Queen herself Jamie Lee Curtis took to the stage to introduce the footage telling fans it was going to "fuck them up".

“Trust me it’s gonna f**k you up.” - @jamieleecurtis before introducing the very first look of Halloween Ends, coming October 14. - @CinemaCon

Before we get our first look (hopefully in the next few days), here's the first reactions from fans via Twitter.

The trailer for #HalloweenEnds serves as a tribute to the legacy of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. Fans of this franchise look like they are in for a real treat as this franchise comes to an end. The trailer looked awesome. #CinemaCon - @ScottDMenzal
Jamie Lee Curtis jokingly shaded the audience at #CinemaCon because they didn't give her a standing ovation. In #HalloweenEnds, Laurie Strode and Michael Myers meet for the last time: "Trust me, it's going to fuck you up," she promises. The trailer is legitimately terrifying - @rebeccaarubin
First trailer for #HalloweenEnds uses footage from all the films to tie everything together and ends with @jamieleecurtis fighting Michael Myers for the last time. Thumbs up. #CinemaCon - @colliderfrosty
3/4 of the trailer shown Halloween, the remake, and #HalloweenEnds. The final part was an amazing all-out brawl between Laurie and Michael. #TheBigScreenisBack#cinemacon#MoviegoingExperience#cinemancon2022#universalpictures#halloween#michaelmyers#lorriestrode - @flickdirect
We just got a first look at #HalloweenEnds, featuring a wild brawl between Laurie and Michael in a kitchen, fighting each other. Michael throws Laurie across the room. Laurie grabs a knife and stabs Michael through the hand. It ends w/ Laurie holding a knife over a trapped Myers - @ErikDavis\
Playing us a great reel of #LaurieStrode 's ride thru #Halloween with some scary, gory and insanely brutal scenes for #HalloweenEnds including an awesome confrontation between her and #MichaelMyers . It's time to do a rewatch of these to get ready for this one on October 22nd. - @TheRochaSays
#HalloweenEnds footage is highlighted by a brutal fight between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers and it ends with Laurie stabbing him through the hand and pulling a knife to his head. Looks like a huge improvement over the last one, can't wait! #CinemaCon - @KingPatel7
"Every scream, every scare, every slash has led to this." first trailer for #HalloweenEnds. Uses old footage from current canon movies and ends with a battle between Michael and Laurie in a kitchen where Laurie attacks HIM by surprise - @3CFilmss
#HalloweenEnds--the final installment of the franchise. An energetic and emotional Jamie Lee Curtis presented the footage. It was terrifying and satisfying! #JamieLeeCurtis also thanked #JohnCarpenter and #DebraHill for her time playing Laurie Strode. #CinemaCon - @Cinemast_Net
Jamie Lee Curtis presented the first look at #HalloweenEnds teasing “what happens when Laurie Strode and Michael Myers meet for the last time” this #Halloween. A brutal, bloody knife fight to the death in a dark kitchen. #CinemaCon - @CameronBonomol

Laurie & Michael look set to square off in David Gordon Green's highly anticipated final film of his Halloween trilogy, Halloween Ends, October 14th 2022...and it cannot come quick enough!


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