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Fracked! & Hexpress Coming Soon From Edgewater MediaWorks

Introducing a new voice in independent filmmaking: Edgewater MediaWorks. Edgewater and its horror division, WitchWard Productions, strive to be a film production company that offers up highly original content that promises to electrify proven genres of horror and suspense with modern themes.

The up and coming independent studio Edgewater MediaWorks, lead by writer-driector Jason Davitt, writer-producer Matthew Hayes, writer-director Craig Fisher & writer-producer Brian Patrick O'Toole are currently finalising their first two films set to be shot right here in the UK.


Something is killing workers at the Necroleum Gas fracking site. The killer’s attack is swift and ferocious. It leaves only a brainless husk, feasting on the grey matter of its human victims. It is older than recorded time. Its hunger is insatiable. It is not alone.

An ambitious morning news host and his flirtatious cameraman are filing a fluff piece on the closing of Britain's first fracking site when a freak lightning storm forces them to shelter inside the facility. Their curiosity leads the two men to a long abandoned tunnel system where they encounter Necroleum’s deadly secrets.

Fracked! is a creature feature that incidentally raises unsettling questions about the safety of fracking and exposes unforeseen dangers that lie dormant beneath our feet, all leading to a mind-blowing conclusion.


1939. Famed archaeologist Arron Beech, unearths the mummified remains of a 16th century Witch. He accompanies his discovery via steam train for delivery to the British museum. Meanwhile in Berlin, medium Frau Hilda Blavaski and Doctor Heinclan and his Nazi henchmen, become aware of the witch’s discovery and set off to steal the remains for their own devilish plans!

Arron with his faithful aid John Hatch along with a mysterious socialite Juliette Walsh, are faced with a fight for their lives, as the witch begins her resurrection, aided by her monsterous familiar, Becobeck, who goes on a killing spree, horrifically murdering the passengers one by one, in his desire to use their souls to resurrect his mistress!


I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited for these, they sound great!

The fantastic team behind these films are currently running crowd funding to get the budget together to make these films. You can donate and pick up one of the fantastic perks via their IndieGoGo Page.

For more information regarding Edgewater MediaWorks, the team and their past work head over to their website, Facebook or Instagram pages.


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