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FearFest-Evil Cancels 2020 Event

Due to the ongoing shitshow of a year that is 2020, annual scare event FearFest-Evil have cancelled their event due to take place this October.

The team behind this truly fantastic event released the following statement confirming the news via their Facebook page.

"It’s been a difficult and very worrying year for everyone. COVID 19 has taken more lives and businesses than it should, but thanks to the Government, banks and services, we have managed to remain stable at the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC). As we approach coming out of lockdown and some businesses reopening, we have carefully considered our options for reopening. However, we have decided to not open to the general public for the remainder of this year. Sadly this means that the FearFest-Evil horror event will not be taking place this year. As I’m sure you can all appreciate, these decisions are not taken lightly and we must preserve the business for its reopening in 2021. Anyone who has ordered tickets will have an automatic refund made to their PayPal account. We thank you for all your support, and dedication over the years and our Creatures of the Night look forward to welcoming you back next year to FearFest-Evil at the National Diving & Activity Centre."

As our fans will know we've attended this event annually ever since it started in 2017 and each year it has got better. They have opened up new parts, created new mazes and adjusted the previous ones, introduced new characters, booked new live entertainment and come up with new ways and ideas to truly scare the shit out of the participants. I am truly gutted we won't be attending this year.

If you head over to our FearFest-Evil Page you can read our reviews and see pictures from previous years; and if you read from the bottom up you can honestly see how each year the event has got better...and how much better my reviewing and writing has got! I honestly cringe reading my 2017 review.

Unfortunately, this also goes for their drive-in cinemas they hold annually every October in the build up to the event. It sucks but I admire their genuine concern, care and well being for its staff and anyone attending. I can guarantee that their 2021 event will be something else!

You can get more info via their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.


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