Hell is empty...and all the Devils are here.

Every year, in October, I question my life choices as me and my friend willingly wander into oblivion.

The award-winning  event that started in 2017 takes place at the National Diving & Activity Centre, Chepstow every October and is a must for horror fans. It is a truly incredible and unique event that has managed to out-do itself every year. Check out my reviews and pictures from previous years below.

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FearFest- Evil '19

A Hooked On Horror Review

Every October, once a year....I question my life choices as I nervously wander through a nightmare I willingly walked in to.

So me and my friend attended FearFest-Evil last night for it's third year...and it was by far the scariest yet.
The last two years we've waked away from the event saying, "Jesus that was good. No way they're gonna be able to top that next year!" Oh how wrong we were... last night made previous years feel like a walk in the park. It was relentless with the scares from the very start and the intensity had been amped up a lot!

I found this year's to be a lot more interactive for guests. The scare actors were more intense, in your face and interacted a lot more with guests making nearly everyone's experience different and unique. Something which is impressive in it's own right whilst your dealing with crowds as big as those attending FearFest-Evil. I saw people being dragged away and thrown in cages where they stayed until the scare actor had their fun with them.

The attacks on your senses were far worse this year...it was some of these moments I did stuggle with if I'm honest. There are certain moments throughout the maze that you literally cannot see a thing. You could put your hand a centimetre away from your face and you wouldn't see it. To top it off some of these moments in complete darkness featured passages and rooms that got smaller and smaller and smaller. I had no idea how claustrophobic I was until I was in that situation. It was at these moments I could hear a voice in my head asking "Why the fuck did you agree to do this again?" and "What's wrong with you?" whilst occasionally reminding me that this wasn't real.

The sets and the creatures were utterly incredible. The masks and special-effects make-up were so well done it made for an even more unsettling experience. I mean like think film quality now but instead of watching the horror film...you're living it. Huge shoutout to Burkbench Designs for the creatures, fantastic work. Every little detail, no matter how small, was worked and executed to perfection. The actors and performers behind these masks and costumes were brilliant as well. Making the character they were portraying their own and throwing out different moves, scares and spiels for every guest again making this event a remarkably unique experience for everyone.

Of course in the marquee you'll be able to find a decent selection of food and drink (at very good prices) to calm your nerves before and after the scare maze. Which you can enjoy whilst watching some fantastic live music. And of course if you're lucky enough after you'll be able to meet some of the nightmare creatures from the event for a beer or two.

All in all a truly unqiue and fantastic event that every horror fan should experience. Whilst we knew a bit of what to expect, FearFest- Evil remained fresh and threw a lot of new surprises at us.
To close I feel the need to warn you all this IS NOT for the faint hearted or anyone who isn't great with the dark or enclosed spaces. And for those of you who are brave enough to face the nightmarish creatures that lurk around every corner in there...don't say we didn't warn you...

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FearFest- Evil '18

A Hooked On Horror Review

Every bad thought, fear and nightmare you've ever had. Every hellish creature you think is lurking in the dark...watching you...waiting to make it's move...all turned into a reality. Just for you.
Welcome to FearFest- Evil 2018.

So last night me and my friend had the pleasure of experiencing scare event FearFest-Evil at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow. We attended last year, and it was fantastic, so we were pretty excited to return and see what this year’s was going to be like. We thought we knew what to expect…boy were we wrong.

Even though the original sets and characters remained, more had been done to the sets and more characters had been added. They had seriously upped their game from last year! The main difference this year was the layout. The maze still consists of three parts- Tales of the Dark, House of Horrors and Platform 13- but they’ve merged it into one and cut out the walks in between to calm yourself down and catch your breath. So when you are in…you’ve gotta complete the entire maze before you get a chance to calm down. And it relentlessly challenges you both physically and mentally. I mean, shit; it was non-stop.

It does not let up at all, and the entire maze took us just over two hours. Each section plays on your biggest fears and attacks every one of your senses differently. In parts you won’t be able to see your hand in front of your face, others you will get to experience what a damp, musky and dirty shed or a morgue smells like for example. I found a huge and constant theme of the entire maze is claustrophobia (a fear of enclosed or small spaces). So if this is major fear of yours I would highly recommend you think very carefully about attending this event. They do however have parts you can avoid and get out if it does get too much. On top of that there is staff and paramedics stationed around the event, so you can have help if needed.

There is wider open spaces at some of the exterior parts of the maze but most of the interior parts feature narrow corridors, a maze of caverns, sewage pipes and an opening that you literally have to squeeze through while the gap seems to get smaller, and smaller, and smaller…

Now my review, last year, I feel gave too much away in regards to what to expect…so I’m not gonna be making that mistake again. I’m gonna give you folks a brief bit about each part of the maze but that’s it. It’s not something I feel I can put into words that well. You need to get up yourself psyched up, ready to go and come down here and come face to face with all sorts of nightmarish, hellish creatures that FearFest-Evil has lurking around every corner. Because no matter what I write…I’m not going to do this event the justice it truly deserves.

The maze begins with Tales of the Dark and if you weren’t scared of the dark going in, there is a good chance you will be by the time you finish. Here you’ll wander through various sets including a forest, where you’ll come face to face with all sorts of creatures that are lurking in every part of the dark. You can get a small taste of what to expect from a video or took I took that are on our Instagram Story Highlights or our Facebook page. The highlight of this section of the maze will come in the form of Mr. Gacy, and for those of you with a fear of clowns…welcome to your worst nightmare. I’m not gonna go into detail but you will be marked by Mr. Gacy, and if you’re as lucky as I was he’ll get very up close and personal with you.

The House of Horrors section of the maze truly lives up to it’s name. Here you will duck, dive, weave and navigate your way through a house made up of mazes that will separate your party and leave you to deal with the monsters that lurk within by yourself. The highlight of this section will allow you to become all to familiar with bodybags and coffins, just try to keep your cool here and keep repeating “It’s not real, it’s just an event. It’s not real, it’s just an event.” Another great moment of this features FearFest-Evil’s very own graveyard which is fantastic. Complete with real headstones, the attention to detail is utterly fantastic. Try and get a glimpse of some of the names on them, if you can of course, as each one of those represents a character that can be found lurking somewhere in event.

Now Platform 13, you will feel like you’re out of the worst of it…don’t be so bloody stupid! “You’re out of the house now, you’re back outside, what’s the worst that could happen?” Famous last words right there folks…I was stupid to think that. It’s a nice part to finish off your night but yeah you’ll be coming face to face with a few more nightmares out there. Look out for that chainsaw by the way! Highlight here is definitely helping to disinfect your significant other, friends, family or whoever was brave (or stupid) enough to come with you. You may get wet!

As I previously said the entire thing took us just over two hours, but what a two hours. I was a sweaty, nervous wreck by the time we finished. But just because you finish the maze, does not mean your night finishes there. Down by the entrance the event has a marquee set up complete with great food, a bar and live music. It is definitely worth checking out if you survive the maze and believe me, by the time you finish it you will need a stiff drink just to calm yourself down! They’ve got plenty of drinks to choose from, reasonably priced to be fair, including two horror themed cocktails that go with the event perfectly, I went for the Eyeball Punch. A refreshing cocktail with an unpleasant surprise at the bottom of the glass that gave me one hell of a shock. The band topped it all off as they belted out some classics that everyone could sing along to, was a fantastic and really enjoyable atmosphere in there. The staff were another credit to the event, going out of there way to interact with customers with great customer service, couldn’t have asked for more.

All in all FearFest-Evil is an incredible event that has unbelievably one upped itself from last year. The set designs and dressing were beyond incredible and the attention to detail was brilliant, every little part of this had been carefully and meticulously planned out to get the most fear out of those attending, from using certain lighting to convey certain emotions to using smell pods in order to make somewhere smell of death and decay. Everything was amazing. The make-up, costume and special effects were, for me, the best part of this event. We are talking movie quality now! You go to some of these events and when you get up close to some of the scare actors you can see how fake it really is…at FearFest-Evil this is really not the case, the make-up ad effects are truly flawless. Another thing I’d urge you active horror fans to look our for if you attend this event is the influences and themes. I could list off so many films that they somehow incorporated into the event whilst making the entire thing truly original.

Just a little advice if you do attend this event-
-Wear clothing and shoes you are comfortable in and you don't mind getting muddy or dirty. Walking shoes are a pretty good shout.
-Prepare to be scared and have actors invade your personal space to scare the shit out of you. This is FearFest-Evil, not Disney World.
-Please pay attention to the terms and conditions as well as the medical conditions. Be scared but be safe.
-And lastly have fun, enjoy and try not to cry!


This event is a must for a horror fan, a truly unique and interactive experience that will leave you shaken to your core.


FearFest- Evil '17

A Hooked On Horror Review

So, it's been just over a week since I had the pleasure of attending FearFest-Evil in Chepstow at the National Diving & Activity Centre with my mate...and I think I have just about recovered. I haven't fully recovered but I think I've recovered enough to finally talk about it. Not only was it beyond incredible and amazing but it scared the living shit out of me on so many levels. And being as their second weekend starts tonight, I feel somewhat responsible to give you guys and girls at least some sort of warning to the hell you are about to endure.

I did make a story and live-stream through most of the last maze via Instagram so I'm sure a few of you witnessed me and Rowan, screaming and whimpering like little bitches. Anyway I thought I'd share my experience with you. Enjoy!

It all started with our trip up to Chepstow from Cardiff which, if I'm honest didn't go well. The motorway sucks! That aside, and the numerous white van man twats on the road, we made it there in one piece. Upon arrival we were guided through to parking specific for the event (don't head to the main entrance guys) which is very spacious and will accommodate a silly amount of guests. From there you'll walk through to the event passing the entrance for the 'Platform 13' scare zone. My best advice to you guys would be arrive early with plenty of time, head down to the cafe and have a beer or anything alcoholic before doing anything else...believe me you will need the Dutch courage!

So me and my mate signed in (got our press passes which got us access to every scare zone & the Circus Of Horrors) and headed down to the cafe. Upon arrival the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly answering any questions we had. From there we found out what time the Circus Of Horrors started and went for a beer.

A beer later we headed into the circus tent to grab a decent seat for Dok Haze's Circus Of Horrors. We walked in to be greeted by Camp Dracula, a very savvy, tongue in cheek, hilarious, full of banter presenter made up similar to Nosferatu. He was there to help show guests in and generally get the crowd going...and to be fair he did, he was brilliant. We managed to get a seat front row as it was relatively empty in there, we managed to beat the crowds thank god! So as the Circus tent near filled capacity Camp Dracula took centre stage and introduced the show.

So it begins! What followed...I can't really describe. It was fascinating, it was incredible and parts of it were bloody disgusting. To put it in simple terms it was amazing! The show started off with an introduction by Dok Haze himself and all the performers! One by one we got introduced to the circus performers...fuck Britain's Got Talent as it ain't got shit on this! The list of fantastic performers featured El Lurchio the sword swallower, fire limbo performer The Voodoo King, twisted contortionist Ragan, pin cushion The Mongolian Laughing Boy, girl in a bottle Alenee Anarchy, compare Camp Dracula, acrobat and hula hoop girl Yarinio and of course Dok Haze himself.

I'm not going to go into tons of detail here, as I really feel this needs to be seen to be believed! I could tell you everything each performer did but I don't want to- you need to see it. Besides, half of what I'd write here I genuinely don't think people would believe anyway. Would you believe me if I told you Ragan twisted herself so much she could've literally kissed her own ass, or The Voodoo King didn't burn himself after skipping and somersaulting over a rope on fire, or that El Lurchio swallowed a wheel arch, or Yarinio picked up a stupid amount of hula hoops using her feet and performed insane acrobatics in mid air with nothing but two wires, or Alenee Anarchy managed to fit in a glass bottle and swallow fire, or that The Mongolian Laughing Boy put a big ass needle through his cheek and neck or Dok Haze breathed Fire?! And that my friends isn't even half of what me and Rowan witnessed! 

Such a fantastic show and incredible performances all round from everyone involved. Sick, twisted, entertaining, hilarious in parts, disgusting and dam right fucking weird...what more would you want from a Circus Of Horrors?! These guys are performing every night of FearFest-Evil throughout October and I would seriously recommend seeing them! I will give you a heads up though it is not for the faint hearted..there is blood, there is stuff that may make you sick and there is male and female nudity (not throughout but in parts). If you don't manage to catch them at FearFest-Evil, the other group of Circus Of Horrors performers are currently on tour in Europe. A truly incredible, entertaining and memorable experience that you won't believe without seeing it first-hand.

From there it was back to the cafe. We decided we wanted to wait until it was completely dark before we went onto the scare zones...looking back on it now I regret this decision massively (it made things so much creepier!). So after some Dutch courage we headed up to start the scare zones. On our way up we had our first encounter with Mr. White who proceeded to tell us he had some big things planned for us and how much fun he was going to have with us, not going to lie it did freak me out a bit. We started with Platform 13 and thought we'd work our way through there then move onto The House Of Horrors and finish with Tales Of The Dark. I would say this is a great order to do them as they gradually get worse and scarier the further you progress. So we nervously headed in to tackle FearFest-Evil's Trilogy Of Horrors.

Platform 13

Greeted by The Station Master as we walked in, he stamped our passes and opened the doors to let us in. As we made our way through the platform we had to make our way around several creatures and ghouls, and to be fair the lighting along this scare zones is literally minimal which made things even worse. We were walking along to only hear these creatures a while before we actually saw them...and they were fucking terrifying. One of the organisers, Clive Barzillia, did even tell me some of the actors hired didn't even like to be in this part alone and I can see why. It is basically a stretch of an abandoned railway line that used to be used to transport stuff to and from the quarry, and is surrounded by nothing but woodland. Very eerie and scarily quiet, although there is music playing when you first go in...the further down you go the quieter it becomes. The creatures were beyond fantastic and the makeup and costumes were amazing. It all started with a jump as we passed what we thought was a small statue of a jester...only for it to begin moving. From there onwards we encountered a number of ghouls, creatures and even a zombie. And I will warn you that these bastards get up close and personal with you in order to really scare the shit out of you. You will even manage to get past one only to turn back around and find the thing following you (this happened a lot throughout the night, the worst two being Mr. White who generally popped up in between scare zones to make sure we had no break or chance to catch our breath and the other in the Tales Of the Dark zone that involved a persistent clown with an axe...a fucking axe! But I'll get to that later). To be fair it set the tone for the rest of the zones and gave us a clue of the incredibly shitty situation we had decided to put ourselves in by attending this event. The attention to detail on everything down to the set design and props throughout the zone was brilliant!

So as we got to what we thought was the end of the zone, we were met by another creature that informed us we had to go right through this tunnel that looks like it's come from the sewer system in Derry. And having only recently seen the new IT, I was not the happiest having to go through here. It was pitch black and I was sure Pennywise or some shit was going to be waiting for us in there. Luckily they leave you alone until you at least exit the tunnel. As you get out the tunnel you find yourself suddenly in some sort of dimly lit cave, a cavern system if you will, that you then have to make your way through. As we made our way through the light became near enough to nothing and we found ourselves feeling our way through. I'd go into more detail but I rushed through this, I had no idea what the hell kept jumping out on us and I didn't want to know. Honest to god it was like running through the caves in The Descent! From there we found ourselves back outside, FREEDOM! This event was off to a fantastic start for me, I was pretty shaken up already. If I'm honest I was expecting a certain degree of scares, jumps and amazing costumes, sets and make-up...but nothing like this. It had already exceeded my expectations and we had only just finished the first scare zone. So as I stood outside with my mate nervously laughing saying how great that was I caught my breath, tried to calm down and prepared myself for the next zone. Guys...there was no preparing I could do at all. I had no idea how much worse this night was going to get!

The House of Horrors

From outside there then we made our way to the next scare zone- The House Of Horrors. It is only a 2 minute walk from the exit of Platform 13, but as I've previously said the entire event is spaced out incredibly well. We make our way past the warning sign and into the queue system for The House Of Horrors, didn't fill me with joy being told by the staff on hand there's a 50/50 chance I won't make it out alive...GREAT! Anyway we continue and go through the entrance to the zone and find ourselves in a graveyard filled with headstones and a chapel. Now I am going to try and give you guys as much detail as I can here...but there is parts of this zone I do not remember I rushed through purposely as I was shitting myself.

So we make our way through the graveyard, which by the way is fantastic! As I have previously said in this article the attention to detail here is incredible. Each of these headstones in the graveyard is a character for the event and can most likely be found in one of the scare zones, not even to mention they aren't props...these are real and each headstone has been purposely made for the event by a stone mason. You will walk over some of them as they are actually part of the pathway round the cemetery. Several others litter the set, as well as two crypts and various other props. In addition to the grave stones this zone also boasts various other 'props' that are in fact real, be sure to keep an eye out for the coffins as well as the body bags (this one really freaked me out but I'll get to that a little later). My only complaint here was the lighting, it was dimly lit which was great for the atmosphere but you couldn't really see the headstones and names properly which would've been an added bonus, especially as they put so much effort into it. However we wouldn't have much time to admire them if we wanted to anyway. As we wandered through the cemetery looking at the graves we were suddenly greeted by the Undertaker, Victor Calloway, who seemingly appeared from nowhere shouting, "OI, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE?! GO ON GET OUT OF HERE! FUCK OFF!" before ushering us towards the Chapel, where Chop-Chop currently resides.

As we approached Chop-Chops house he appeared from inside cleaning his meat cleaver, it wasn't the nicest way to be greeted. His eyes lit up when he saw us approaching, "Mmmm fresh meat! Look at you two hey. Lovely!" He then turned to me and looked me up and down, "Now we're talking! Look at the meat on your bones, mmm gonna get some good use out of you boy!" Now at this point he is literally in our faces examining us, from head to toe...it was creepy as shit to be fair. I did try to tell him I wouldn't be worth shit and he should take my mate to which he replied, "That skin and bones piece of shit! Ah I want you! Maybe I'll take his hair...could use a nice wig." So after majorly freaking us out, he told us to fuck off so he could deal with us later and ushered us inside. Now this is where things began to get really bad!

We were inside Chop-Chops dingy, dirty, little kitchen. The decor and set design was incredible, we didn't hang around for long as Chop-Chop decided to come back inside and I didn't want to deal with him again so through the fireplace we went. From there we ended up a small room with two tunnels. Now as I've said in one of previous articles about this event, you will be forced to spilt up from whoever you are with in parts of these mazes and unfortunately this was the first. I chose right and Rowan chose left. So down the dimly lit corridor I went, didn't look that bad I thought, just a hallway with sacks hanging down...I was wrong. You can't see much there but the hallway is littered with holes...so ye don't think you're alone in there, I jumped, screamed like a little girl, shouted profanities I'm not even proud of and ended up near enough sprinting the rest of this hallway to safety (well sort of). But I was reunited with Rowan, thank god! We did take it in turns to go in the front throughout different parts of these mazes as we were both on edge.

From there we continued into what I can only describe as the blood rooms, but these rooms weren't littered with your average blood...it was UV blood. It looked like someone had gone nuts with a chainsaw on a group of unsuspecting teens at a rave party, was awesome and to be fair was a nice change to all the blood, guts, gore, colourless and dimly lit areas before. Mixed it up a bit, worse though is it kind of coaxed me into a false sense of security as you could see a lot more as the black light lit up all the wonderful UV blood. But yet again I was wrong! As we navigated our way through the UV blood rooms mazes there are still little nooks and crannies that we didn't see...and low and behold I shit myself again when confronted by more nightmarish creatures in there.

After that we found ourselves wandering through a dark and dingy washroom and eventually came to a door that lead back outside. Stepping back outside we were met by several different washing lines complete with dirty linen...and you could not get past any of them without having to push your way through. To make matters even worse they have the classic Friday The 13th 'ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma' playing through a set of speakers hidden away. Incredibly eerie going through there. Now anyone with any knowledge of horror films here should see the inspiration the organisers took from Alfred Hitchcock's classic The Birds. I'll just leave you guys imagine what happened here instead of me telling you...

Managed to make it through the dirty linen still alive to then head back indoors. Now before I go any further I just want to tell you it can be pretty disorientating going from one area is this zone to the next as they are drastically different...you genuinely forget where you are sometimes and it really messes with your head. Anyway, moving on. Back inside we went, only to step into what can be described as the hotel from hell; literally! "Come play with us, Adam. Forever...and ever...and ever." That is literally all I could hear in my head as me and Rowan made our way through here, I wanted out...this bit I really hated. The set design and decor in here however was fantastic and very unnerving. Hotels are generally quite creepy regardless, but this took it to another level, especially when the influences from The Shining's Overlook Hotel are clear. The further and further you go into the hotel, the creepier it gets! If you aren't too busy shitting yourself try and have a look at how the decor changes the further you get in. Best part for me was the use of artwork that littered the corridor walls, some seriously fucked up paintings and drawings on those walls. Again I'm not going to tell you what or who else is endlessly wandering the halls of this hotel waiting for its next victims...you can go find out for yourself.

We managed to get through the hotel intact (and without taking an axe to the chest) to reach another point to be split up. From here we took a side each and headed down corridor of a thousand corpses, imagine the catacombs beneath Paris except the body parts are part of the walls...and it's so dark you need to feel your way along the walls to the end of it. It's not the nicest to be honest! Finally managed to reach the end of that (it feels never ending!) and was reunited with my mate thank Christ! Now the next part was quite possibly the funniest part of the night for me. The next room we walked in to you can see took inspiration from Poltergeist, this room was creepy as hell! It came complete with a TV playing static and a doll watching said TV...I immediately though screw this I'm rushing through here, Rowan on the other hand, did not. Turns out the doll wasn't the only thing in there and I've not seen him jump like that ever before, was hilarious! For a brief moment I relaxed and wasn't laughing nervously like I had been doing most of the night...that was until I turned the corner and saw what awaited us.

Remember I mentioned body bags earlier....ye try walking down a corridor full of them hanging from the god dam ceiling. I don't know, maybe it wouldn't have been as bad if I knew they were fake. I work as a porter in The University Hospital Of Wales, and part of my job is unfortunately dealing with the deceased and transporting them to the mortuary...and these are THE body bags used in hospitals across the U.K. These are the real fucking deal...I think that's why I found this so scary.  Doesn't help you can feel these things aren't empty as you have to push past them, there is no working your way around them either. To make matters even worse is the smell. I don't know how they did it but you can smell the death and decay there, as I stated a moment ago due to my job I am fully aware on what this and a mortuary smells like...and they nailed the smell. Really wish they didn't but there we go. Hands down, for me this was possibly one of the worst parts of the night so far...it massively freaked me out.

But I soldiered on. From there we headed further on only to find ourselves heading into what a shed, some sort of cabin where the smell of death and decay only got stronger. The smell of mustiness and dampness also filled the air; the whole thing was kind of...groovy! Yes you read that correctly folks, and yes I am talking about Ash Williams' infamous line from The Evil Dead films. The inspiration and influence the designers took from The Evil Dead here is absolutely incredible! It will be instantly recognisable to any fan. Of course we weren't alone down there, some fantastic actors in this section. And for probably the hundredth time that night I was terrified there.

Now I won't lie here, there's parts of the end of this zone I cannot remember in great detail as my nerves were completely shot. After The Evil Dead inspired area we headed into a chapel complete with an alter, gave a great Exorcist/ Hellraiser feel to it so I hurried through this. From there was another spilt pathway...through a coffin. Yes you read that correctly you walk through a coffin. And again not some fake bullshit piece of crap prop; this was the real deal again! I will warn you, you feel like you're in actually in the coffin. Upon getting through the coffin we were greeted the other side by a workshop of some sought filled with nothing but coffins...so many coffins. All different shapes and sizes; and each one real. One massive mind fuck later we were through to the laboratory! This was unsettling in numerous different levels, mainly due to decor and the smell but bumping into the doctor mid operation was horrible...again fans should spot the inspiration taken from Rob Zombie's House Of A 1000 Corpses character, Dr. Satan. Past that in one piece....and I am pleased to tell you we were out. We made it out....alive, in one piece and not needing a change of underwear (I don't really know how!).

My head was mush and I felt physically drained, don't get me wrong it's absolutely fantastic but fuck me it's relentless! From the moment you step in up until the moment you step out....it messes with you big time. The whole maze is just one massive head fuck that sticks with you. And unlike other scare events it's not just jump scares you will have to deal with. What the organisers have done really well here is managed to attack every one of your senses several times throughout the maze. Anyways we were still going...so onto the third and final scare zone, thank god!

Tales of the Dark

I had seen the first two mazes under construction, not that it made any difference at all, however this one I hadn't. We made the slow walk up to the last zone discussing how awesome yet horrendous the first two were. It's about a five minute walk uphill to Tales Of The Dark from the exit of House Of Horrors. Before I go into detail...if you are claustrophobic, I would advise you against doing this as the beginning is absolutely horrendous.

The entrance to this zone is by far the worst out the three. We slowly made out way into a maze with no other lighting but am intense strobe light. And of course you are not alone in here, and the guys in here will be incredibly happy to see you. We made our way through this maze having to try squeeze by these nightmares who were not only terrifying but very persistent. Now here's where it gets worse... the only way out is through an incredibly tight gap. I can only describe it as if someone tightly tied two bouncy castles together and made you go through the middle of them. I'm not claustrophobic at all but I felt it big time making my way through here...and it seemed to fucking go on forever! Was like it was never ending! And you can't see a foot in front of your face in here either...about halfway through this gap even the strobe light becomes nonexistent. After what seemed like an eternity, we were finally out but were immediately greeted by another creature. Luckily Rowan was in front of me so I kind of dodged the bullet on that one!

From there we left the maze heading back outside into the woods. For a brief moment I was again tricked into thinking we would be ok but the further we headed in yet again the worse it got. I will say it's at this point you need to make sure you follow the few signs given or you'll take a wrong turn and actually end up in a bit of woods that isn't in the event, slight detour later and we were back on track. This is where I began live streaming via Instagram so those of you who saw should know how much this scared me. The further we got into the woods, the creepier it became. Doors, and mirrors littered these woods..even further down wedding dresses. Yep, it's the bride...and Jesus Christ she was terrifying. Due to the lighting here, she seemingly came out of nowhere as well!

Now considering how much this scared me, this wasn't even the worst part of this zone. Remember when I mentioned a clown with an axe (A FUCKING AXE!) earlier? Well this is where we met him! This bastard, known as Mr. Gacy, was horrendous! Not enough that the guys a psychotic, terrifying clown but he speaks with one of the creepiest voices I have ever heard. We tried to get round him but he wasn't having any of it, "Where do you think you're going guys? Hahaha! Let's have some fun! Hahahaha!" This went on for at least  10 minutes, he was terrifying. Again no such thing as personal space to this clown, it was so creepy. It's kind of like when a shark circles its prey or a cat throws a mouse round in between its paws before finally killing it...this clown was toying with us and loving it. The voice, the look, the laugh, his mannerisms and energy was terrifying yet fantastic at the same time. We finally managed to get round him, only to begin walking away to turn round and see the madman chasing us with his axe ready to go. I'm not proud of this, I don't think Rowan is either, but we kind of ran. Honestly I could die a happy man if I never saw this guy again!

From there we continued down into a very well lit woodland area that featured a hell of a lot of silver. It looked like something out of some sort of fucked up fairytale, and it is oddly calming. An entire pathway is laid out using logs covered in silver tin foil, and several of the trees surrounding the path are covered in foil from head to toe...why silver I hear you ask? Well it's to stop the creatures that inhabit these woods from attacking you, the guys running FearFest-Evil are quite nice like that! Surely you folks have all seen An American Werewolf In London, "Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors, lads." This was possibly the calmest moment of my night and I was walking down a path with two werewolves stalking us from either side. All me and Rowan were missing were the puffy coats and backpacks, I was going to say "I vote we go back to The Slaughtered Lamb" but I felt I'd be pushing my luck slightly. Again the organiser really outdid themselves here, the costumes were fantastic and truly terrifying.

As we continued on we went back into another dimly lit area only to come face to face with one of the goriest and creepiest creatures there that night. I'm not going into detail as I want you all to be as terrified as me and Rowan were but this thing is horrendous! Again we thought we were in the clear upon passing him only to turn round and find it's sprinting towards us groaning and screaming...cue the second time we ran tonight. Then comes another god-awful part...we came face to face with the devil only to be told the only way out is through these tunnel systems. And fuck me guys they are small, they are pitch black and they a tight! This was a crawling through n our hands and knees job. Another to be avoided if you have claustrophobia problems. And again there is two tunnels here and you will be split up for the final time. We made our way through the first...and my god it felt never ending. We made it out only to find we had to make our way through a second one exactly the same, my only complaint here is that the mesh they used to pad the floor of them is pretty rough on your hands and knees and it is not comfortable at all. To be fair though I thought comfort was out the question here anyway. But that was it...we were free! We were alive...and free!! After what I can describe as one of the most intense few hours of my life, I was happy to be out and not have to do anymore scare zones.

 I won't lie I was shaken, the whole experience is utterly fantastic but equally as terrifying. It messes with your head throughout, it attacks every one of your senses multiple times, chances are you will feel claustrophobic and nyctophobic at some point and possibly even nauseated. I have heard over the first weekend a few people have ended up in tears, vomited and some have even fainted. Having done it I can sort of see why! It is mentally (and physically in parts) draining but is an experience I have never had before, I will warn you though it is definitely not for the faint hearted. Where this event beats others for me is the attention to detail, they focused on everything. It wasn't just jump scare after jump scare, which frankly for me is shit as it just gets repetitive and boring after a while. Each thing in thing has been well thought out, planned and choreographed and they nailed it! I mean fuck me guys every character in FearFest-Evil not only has their own back-story but each is partly based and taken inspiration from REAL historical murderers. In addition to that the makeup and effects are beyond fantastic and the inspiration and influences from classic horror films is clear to any fan. Folks this is THE event to attend this year and is a must for any horror fan!

Still shaken, physically and mentally fucked, as me and Rowan got into the car to head home I turned to him and said, "Fuck man. I need a cry, a beer and a cigarette!"