Everything We Learnt From Halloween At Home

For anyone who was watching along with the stars and film makers Saturday just gone, I won't need to tell you all how fantastic #HalloweenAtHome was! It gave fans the chance to interact with some key people responsible for the bringing Michael Myers back to the big screen as well as giving the films stars and crew a chance to share some amazing behind the scenes stories, pictures and new information about the making of the 2018 film. And of course we got a little bit of information about the upcoming sequel- Halloween Kills.

Photo credit - @jamieleecurtis

So after going through the hundreds of tweets from the cast and crew of Halloween; here's everything we learnt from Halloween At Home. Enjoy!

Photo credit (from left to right) Nick Castle (@ncastlez), Jamie Lee Curtis (@jamieleecurtis) & James Jude Courtney (@jamesjcourtney)

The opening scene in Halloween was shot in an actual prison.

"This first scene was shot in an active prison with many of our friends from the HEART Inclusive Arts Community as cast. #HalloweenAtHome" - David Gordon Green (@blumhouse)

Producer Ryan Turek donning the Myers mask on the set of Halloween.

Picture Credit - (@_RyanTurek)

"All of this was shot at an actual prison. We used one of their non-functioning buildings....and I remember DGG insisting on having a record player in the guard’s quarters, instead of something digital. #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

"This courtyard scene was the first day of our shoot at a military academy. Incredible location and it created a hell of a wind tunnel. It was freezing! #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

The iconic title sequence where the pumpkin comes back to life was done practically. No CGI or visual effects were used.

"The title sequence was filmed practically. No VFX. Thanks, Richard Wright (Production Designer) and Art Department. #HalloweenAtHome" - David Gordon Green (@blumhouse)

"So this opening sequence is a reverse shot of an actual pumpkin rotting. Our production designer Richard Wright had a pumpkin carved and he stashed it away in a very hot room that NO ONE COULD EVER ENTER. #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)"

Having shot the film early in the year any leaves and pumpkins seen in the film were fake.

"We filmed this in January and February. It was hard to find leaves and pumpkins! All fake. #HalloweenAtHome" - David Gordon Green (@blumhouse)

The location for Laurie's house was a real ranch.

"Off to Laurie’s house which was on a giant ranch that, apparently, at a very large alligator lurking in a nearby lake. #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)
"Don’t forget our kick ass snake wrangler....." - Judy Greer (@missjudygreer)

"Laurie Strode’s mailbox. #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

"Laurie’s house was GNARLY. When we did the initial scout, it needed some cleaning, needless to say. There was skeleton of a rat over by the kitchen and the place had to be overhauled. #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

Judy Greer's character, Karen, was originally going to be a child psychologist.

"In the original script, Karen was a Child Psychologist and had a lot of puppets. The scene was cool but didn't fit the rhythm. @missjudygreer #HalloweenAtHome" - David Gordon Green (@blumhouse)
"That was my first day of work. I was terrified!! #HalloweenAtHome" - Judy Greer (@missjudygreer)

Andi Matichak's first day was the interaction with Dylan Arnold & Drew Scheid.

"First day on set for me was this scene with @DylanHeyArnold and Drew! We were all in a dream state that this was really happening #HalloweenAtHome" - Andi Matichak (@andimatichak)

Pretty cool Easter Egg to be found in the high school!

"What you might find in the halls of HADDONFIELD high... #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

The classroom scene seen in the film was a reshoot.

"The classroom scene was a reshoot when we got extra cash to have some fun. @jason_blum #HalloweenAtHome" - David Gordon Green (@blumhouse)
"And how you shot that POV through the classroom window moment was awesome (we built the window next to the road, it’s not in the school). #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (_@RyanTurek)

The teacher in the classroom was in fact actress P.J. Soles

"This is the voice of PJ Soles! #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

Laurie's daughter, Karen was the result of a one night stand. Director and co-writer Green cleared it up when someone asked.

"Some dude Laurie met at a bar. She doesn't even remember his name. #HalloweenAtHome" - David Gordon Green (@blumhouse)

The entire crew got in on the scene Michael gets transferred, it also included a cameo from producer Ryan Turek.

"The sequence of them lining up the prisoners was amazing. The entire crew lined up when I was going to shoot my part in the truck. They all wore name tags that said “we are Laurie Strode.” They stood in silent solidarity with me and it was one of the most moving moments of my entire creative life. #HalloweenAtHome" - Jamie Lee Curtis (@jamieleecurtis)
"When Laurie screams and you see through her driver window, you might catch a silhouette. That’s me... ;) #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)
"That was Ryan Turek's cameo as the silhouette when Laurie screams. @_RyanTurek #HalloweenAtHome" - David Gordon Green (@bumhouse)

Nick Castle revealed he was with the production team on location for a week.

Picture credit - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

"I was there for about a week. James and I became good buddies." - Nick Castle (@ncastlez)
"It was very hard for me to not nerd out around @ncastlez. The Last Starfighter made a big impact on my childhood. It was such a pleasure to have him on set with us. Even when he wasn’t working, he was hanging out bringing good energy. #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

Vince Mattis, an actual dancer, made his feature film debut in this film as Kevin (Lumpy).

"Lumpy made up all of those lines. He's a dancer. First time acting. Great job. #HalloweenAtHome" - David Gordon Green (@blumhouse)

"The prison transport vehicle on the left. On the right, the sun sets on this location as we get it fogged up. #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

"This kid was awesome. First ever movie and he was a total pro. Shame he had to die... #HalloweenAtHome" - James Jude Courtney (@jamesjcourtney)

Vince's Dad was incredibly happy to have him killed by Myers.

"So, the day we killed this kid’s character, I had a talk with his father and I said, “How’re you feeling about all of this?” He was like, “THIS IS GREAT, he can’t wait to face Myers.” #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

Lumpy's dead dad in the film was a dummy created by make-up artist Chris Nelson.

"Some FX BTS of Lumpy’s broken dad... Chris Nelson working his magic. #HalloweenAtHome" - Ryan Turek (@_RyanTurek)

"The day my mom and dad came to visit me on set I told them we were going to pop by JLC’s trailer for them to meet her and really I took her to Chris Nelson’s trailer... when we opened the door this guy was bent back in the chair starring at them and my mom almost cried." - Andi Matichak (@andimatichak)

Nick Castle brilliantly addressed Michael being able to drive again.

"The Shape can still drive after all these years. Those early courses really held up well at Smith Grove. #HalloweenAtHome." - Nick Castle (@ncastlez)

The cemetery scene featured an actor from Eastbound & Down, and it sounds like he'll be making an appearance in Halloween Kills as well.

"Cemetery caretaker played by Diva Tyler from the "Plantation" episode of Eastbound & Down. Anybody remember? Just wait for #HalloweenKills