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Dr. Loomis' Return Was Achieved With Practical SFX

As any of you that have seen Halloween Kills yet will know this film features the return of iconic character Dr. Samuel Loomis. Of course Loomis was previously played by veteran actor Donald Pleasence in Carpenter's 1978 original (and the subsequent sequels that followed), and unfortunately the actor passed away February 1995. So how was he brought back to life for the opening of David Gordon Green's Halloween Kills?

Halloween Kills featured a pretty amazing opening sequence that allowed fans to see more of the night HE came home in '78 as well as Michael's stand off and arrest following his murderous rampage. It is a fantastic sequence that will have Halloween fans smiling from ear to ear. You can read my full review of the film HERE.

Opting to use practical special effects, Chris Nelson was tasked with bringing the iconic character back to life on the big screen. As explained in a post on his Instagram page, an 11 piece prosthetic make-up was applied to crew member Tom Jones Jr. who loosely resembled Pleasence. That coupled with Colin Mahan providing the vocal work made for a very impressive sequence for Halloween fans to enjoy!

"For #michaelmyersmonday I'm doing Loomis/Donald Pleasence!

No, he was not cgi, but our own construction foreman Tom Jones Jr. in an 11 piece prosthetic makeup with hair pieces. So fun to do and was a pretty quick turnaround actually from @vincentvandykefx .

Applied by @cnelsonfx and Mark Ross

Beautiful Sculpt: @dantiri and @vincentvandykefx

Lace Hair, Brows and beard @sasha_camacho

Silicone run by @siliconerunner

Molds by @carl_lyon_

Kudos to DGG for picking this guy!"

Of course in addition to this incredible work Nelson was also given the job to make the original mask for this flashback sequence, which as he explained "You can get crucified if you mess it up!"


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