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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror: Day 30 - Halloween (2018)

The Halloween franchise is one I find scarier as I always say this could happen, some crazy person could put on a boiler suit and mask, break into my house and murder me.

So it’s 2018 and Michael Myers has been locked up in Smiths Grove Psychiatric Hospital for the last 40. Two true crime journalists (Aaron and Dana) go to visit him before he is transferred to a maximum security prison - I have to ask why they are bothering to move him at 40 years, surely he should have been sent there to start with? Aaron shows Michael the mask he wore in 1978 when he first went on his killing spree but Michael doesn’t react - I do love the way this scene is set with the inmates on separate squares and everyone making noise except Michael. The following day while being transferred to the prison, he crashes the van, kills a man and his son and steals their car before returning to Haddonfield.

Still living in Haddonfield, Laurie Strode is now an alcoholic living in essentially a fort, constantly looking over her shoulder for Michael Myers. She had her daughter Karen taken away from her by the state when she was 12 - I’m not surprised if she was anything like she is now - and now only speaks to her granddaughter Allyson. On Halloween, Michael sees Aaron and Dana visiting his sisters grave and follows them to a gas station where he kills them - rather gruesomely may I add. He also kills a mechanic working there and puts on his overalls and steals his old mask from Aaron’s car - I think we can see what is going to happen from here!

Having found out Michael has escaped (told you he shouldn’t have been moved) Deputy Hawkins who arrested Michael 40 years ago tries to convince the local police they need to be aware of how dangerous he is! Laurie has also found out Michael escapes but strangely enough her daughter thinks she is deluded and tells her to get on with her life.

Allyson goes to a costume party that night and finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her so leaves with his friend. Her best friend who is babysitting that night are attacked by Michael along with her boyfriend and she sacrifices herself to protect Julian, the kid she is babysitting. Hawkins and Laurie overhear the commotion and go to the house where Laurie sees Michael for the first time in 40 years and wastes no time in shooting him in the shoulder causing him to flee.

Michael's new psychiatrist Dr. Sartain persuades Deputy Hawkins to allow him to help look for Michael - not sure what he will do now he is armed and not locked up! Michael finds Oscar (the guy Allyson went home with) and kills him and Allyson is only saved by Hawkins and Sartain who arrive in time. Hawkins tries to kill Michael but Sartain has become obsessed with Michael and his thought process and attacks Hawkins and leaving him for dead - how bloody selfish to allow innocent people to die cos he wants a test subject! It’s okay though cos Michael kills him anyway but Allyson escapes!

Michael steals a cop car and drives to Laurie’s house and her son in law Ray goes outside as he sees the cop car and thinks it’s the police .... sorry hun wrong choice ...... Michael strangles him! Laurie manages to get Karen to safety in the basement - which brings back horrible memories for Karen - and she injures Michael however he manages to stab her and push her over the balcony. When he goes to check he finds her body missing - deja vu much? Allyson arrives and lures Michael towards her and Karen is able to shoot him in the jaw. Laurie appears and pushes him into the basement and the trio set fire to the house knowing Michael is trapped!

As the camera pans back to the basement, Michael is nowhere to be seen and he car be heard breathing over the final credits suggesting he is alive.

I really enjoyed this film and thought it brought enough of the old film and mix it with the characters current lives. The only thing i didn’t like what that once again Michael is alive despite being trapped in a basement when the house is on fire ..... it’s just makes it less real!


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