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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 9 - An American Werewolf in London

Tonight’s film is one I have seen bits of before when Adam has been watching it (and he's done that A LOT) but it has never really grabbed my attention.

So my first point is why are 2 Americans alone on the moors of North England? The farmer clearly thinks they are stupid and I feel like they aren’t going to listen to his warning of sticking to the roads. No wonder the English have a bad name - the people in the pub are dicks (I’m Welsh before anyone says anything NOT English!) and let’s these two innocent (but stupid) Americans go out onto the moors in the pitch black!

Running away seems the right thing to do! David doesn’t seem too bothered about helping his friend until it’s too late! The men in the men in the pub clearly felt guilty as they came out and killed the beast before it got David! I’ve never seen the clip of the naked man lying on the floor after the werewolf was shot - but it’s clever.

Oh my God all I can hear is Fozzie Bear! The doctor seems somewhat concerned when David tells him it was a wolf not a madman who attacked him - he has obviously heard of the rumours of the moors. The clumsy policeman adds a bit of humour to the film. David is clearly pissed no one believes him when he says an animal attacked him not a person. The random flashes of someone running and David eating a deer are weird!

The non-psychiatrists orderly clearly doesn’t like being used as a spy haha! The sexual tension between Alex and David is intense - I don’t think this is going to end well. These dreams David is having are getting weirder and weirder - crazy Nazi Werewolves shooting everyone and then he neck gets slits!

Yes David, hospital food is that shit! Jack rises from the dead to tell David about his funeral and to warn him about the werewolf attack and that basically David needs to die to stop the werewolf curse. The kiss between Alex and David leads to him staying with her in London. Wow Alex is really painting a good picture of herself - 7 lovers 3 of which were 1 night stands - of course they end up in the shower together!

Bloody hell Jack looks rough compared to when his visited David in hospital! David jokes about Jack being the undead and him being a werewolf and Jack finally thinks he understands - but nope David still thinks he is dreaming! I knew the doctor believe Jack and now he has gone to the moors to find out what happened!

The chess player in the pub clearly doesn’t want people finding out about the werewolf on the moors but the younger guy tells Dr Hirsch about the danger that awaits them as David will turn into a werewolf!

David should have listened to Jack as the day of the full moon he feels strange all day and then transforms into a werewolf - at least he said sorry for calling Jack a meatloaf! Dr Hirsch and Alex finally realise David was telling the truth but it’s too late, another person dies and some business man is chased through the London Underground - which is creepy enough in the day let alone in the night when it’s abandoned! David ends up in the zoo with the wolves before transforming back into a human and being stuck naked in London Zoo trying to work out how to get home!

David gets back to Alex’s flat and they head to the hospital to me Mr Hirsch both blissfully unaware of the murders from the night before!

While in the taxi they learn of the murders and David tries to get home self arrested as he knows he is responsible for the killings - if this doesn’t prove to him he is a werewolf he really is thick! David ends up in a porno theatre with Jack and the people he mutilated the night before who tell him he needs to kill himself to stop the curse - they are quite animated in their suggestion of ways to kill himself!

David once again turns into a werewolf and kills a few more innocent bystanders, causes havoc on Piccadilly Square and runs down an ally chased by snipers! Alex arrives and it’s like yes she is going to save the day but no werewolf David doesn’t care and gets shot before transforming back into human form .... but dead.

I mean it wasn’t a bad film and the effects were great but not one I’d rush to go back and see!


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