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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 8 - Fright Night

So this film starts off a bit slow, the most exciting part so far has been the two men carrying a coffin shaped box. Charlie is really ruining his chances with Amy when he gets distracted by the tv in the canteen showing the woman he met the day before has been murdered!

The first encounter with the inhabitants of next door made me jump as much as Charlie did! Just when I thought him perving on the neighbour having sex was creepy enough, it turns out the neighbour is a vampire!! I love that Charleys mum tries to convince Charley he is having a nightmare and makes him a hot coco!

I get the feeling Charley going to the police is not going to go as well as he thinks! He shouldn’t haven’t mentioned Vampire! After being told by his friend that a vampire can’t enter a home without being invited, of course his mother decides to invite him over for a drink - Jerry hints at the fact he will now come over whenever he fancies it which almost confirms he is a vampire! Jerry appears in Charleys bedroom later that night and tells Charley to forget he is a vampire but Charley gives it the big I am and nearly gets chucked out the window, only being saved when he stabs Jerry with a pencil!

Why is he going to ask a tv personality to help him get rid of the vampire! Since Charley can’t convince Peter Vincent to help him, Amy & Evil Ed go over and ask for his help and he reluctantly agrees! After drinking holy water to prove he isn’t a vampire I was pretty convinced, until Peter spots Jerry doesn’t have a reflection and realised he is a vampire after all.

I think Ed may regret telling Charley there are no such things as vampires and calling him a fruit cake! I was right for once... Jerry found Ed and attacks before following Charley and Amy into a nightclub. Peter has to live up to his vampire killer reputation when vampire Ed shows up at his door and tries to bite him, it’s okay though nothing a crucifix can’t sort out!

Next of Jerry’s hit list is Amy who he hypnotises and tries to seduce. It all goes down in the club then when Jerry unleashes his vampire-ness and injures the two bouncers causing chaos and he whisks her away. Back at his house he seduces her then bites her and we know it’s only a matter of time before she too turns to the dark side!

In the meantime Charley goes to get Peter who tells him the vampire killer was just a character but Charley doesn’t care he still wants his help - I’m not sure how convinced I am about this duo especially as he had to psych himself up to even go in the house! Peter tries to ward off Vampire Jerry with his crucifix and fails and has to be saved by Charley who is promptly punched over the banister. Peter Vincent then runs for his life next door, and has a run in the Ed who he accidentally kills by ramming a steak through his heart!

Unconscious Charley is reunited with a now half vampire Amy so it’s up to Peter to save the day ..... lord help them is all I can say! Peter shocked me by actually shooting Billy even if Billy can’t die it was a good effort. Billy’s death scene was somewhat excessive mind! Peters obviously got some confidence back cos he crucifix is working again although the affects when bat Jerry is hit by the sun are umm not great!

Vampire Amy comes down to the basement to try and seduce Charley but Peter finds the coffin and tries to steak Jerry through the heart - well that’s not fair he wasn’t supposed to survive! Charleys brainwave of breaking the blackout windows may just do the trick mind!

Jerry dies in a storm of green fire, Amy is saved and Peter decides he is done with vampire hunting and after the nights events I can’t say I blame him!

Overall this film is not for me at all. If I'm honest I was pretty bored watching it...sorry folks!


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