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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 7 - Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

I'm not sure if the woman stabbing the pumpkin with a kitchen knife at the start of the film is an omen for the film but it scared me haha!

Cavity Colors Halloween H20 Design by Devon Whitehead

This nurse doesn’t have much luck with Michael Myers has she! Also who does this kid think he is cos a hockey stick isn’t going to hold up against the man who got shot 10 times! I knew that hockey stick would be no good and he ended up with an ice skate blade in his face. Sadly it seems Nurse Whittington is not destined to make it past the first 10 minutes of the film as Michael slits her throat.

Right okay it was a dream - I mean the crazy sequence with the bedroom closet in the classroom and the kitchen knife in the photo.

The mother and her child who stop for a wee really shouldn’t have stopped! The little girl knows that they shouldn’t have gone in the men’s room but no the mum knows better and now they are going to die! Or not I got it wrong - thankfully!

Jamie-Leigh Curtis’ mum makes an appearance as the headmistress’ PA.

The little steamy scene between the headmistress and the guidance counsellor adds an element of romance to this otherwise grisly film! John bribes the security guard to let him out of the school but with Laurie on a date I think he is going to get caught!

Laurie meets her boyfriend for lunch and confesses that she basically isn’t over the attacks by Michael Myers from all of those years ago and it’s messing up her life now - in all honesty I don’t think you ever get over that so I felt really sorry for her especially knowing Michael is on the hunt for her again! I do think that Laurie is too protective of her son and it’s impacting him.

Things start to get creepy when Michael Myers follows Laurie in the car up to the school obviously he has found out her true identity.

When Molly talks about Victor & Elizabeth’s relationship in Frankenstein, Laurie realises that she doesn’t want to get to the point where Michael has killed everyone she loves and gives permission for John to go on the field trip.

Michael Myers arrives at the school and creates a diversion so that Ronny opens the gates and he can walk in - I don’t know if this is very clever on Michaels part or very stupid on Ronnys part? Laurie sees Michael walking towards her and keeps closing her eyes thinking she is imagining him before being scared by Will - I also jumped when he appeared!

The 4 remaining teens decide to have a Halloween party in the basement and as they are breaking in, John senses someone outside - I get the feeling this night is not going to end well for these 4. Laurie ruins the sexy moment between her and Will by confessing who she really is - anyone else spot the continuity error there? Laurie drank from the vodka bottle and passed it to Will who has to take the lid off the bottle!

Laurie starts to panic when she realises the it was Michael who sent the birthday card to Johnny and that the phone lines are down, her fears are confirmed when she realises John didn’t go to Yosemite and Ronny tells her there is a strange car by the gates with no driver! Charlie decides to go on the hunt for a bottle opener which falls down the garbage disposal which he proceeds to stick his hand down just as Michael rounds the corner. Sarah sees the shadow of Michael moving outside before finding Charlie’s body with a slit throat in the dumbwaiter before climbing in to escape Michael and ending up with a crushed leg - she 100% won’t escape Michael now!

John and Molly go to find their friends and Instagram find Michael Myers who proceeds to chase them through campus - why does this man not go down she just smashed him in the face with a rock! Molly drops her keys and they are stuck in a small space with Michael trying the keys to the lock - I felt for sure this was it but I was wrong again! Will tries to be the hero and instead shoots Ronny and is then killed by Michael - man that’s a lot of deaths in very little time!

Michael seems to have more of a crazed look about him in this film! Just as you think they will escape, Laurie channels her inner Victor Frankenstein and decides to face her monster head on! Right if he isn’t dead after all of those stabbing then this film is shit as he is a human being not some invincible creature!

She stole the coroner's van - this is not going to end well! I knew Michael wasn’t dead! Poor bloke gets launched through the windscreen, run over, pinned to a tree by a van I guess he deserved it mind! Aww just when I thought there might be a touching moment - bam she chops his head off!

I quite enjoyed this film, the kills were good and the overall storyline was okay!


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