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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 6 - Scream

The start of this movie gets dark very quickly! Drew Barrymore is casually preparing for a Friday night in when suddenly she has her boyfriends life in her hands which she messes up and ends with him being killed! When the chair came catapulting through the patio door I’m not ashamed to say I shit myself! I hate jumpy movies so straight away I knew I was in trouble! Seeing her body hanging from the tree showed this killer means business!

Art by Zack Brown

The following day the school is surrounded by news reporters and we see Courtney Cox for the first time in a hideous lime green suit! I find it slightly uncomfortable the way they are joking around about the murders and the way they were murdered, especially as Sidney has been through losing her mother in a brutal way.

The music in this film is quite creepy and it made me feel on edge for much of the film.

The scene where Sidney answers the phone and the voice tells her he is on the front porch ...... why the hell did she go out there? Although she did a good job of fighting him off! I believed it was Billy too, especially when the mobile dropped out of his pocket! I also loved it when Sidney punched Gale ... it’s obvious there is tension between them after her mother’s death. The dialogue between them the following day identifies why Sidney hates her.

Wow did he actually just compare his parents divorce to her mother getting murdered the day before the 1st anniversary of her death ..... what a prick! I love Mr Himbry. Also the two girls in the toilet are vile, wouldn’t it mess you up seeing your mother get murdered. Sidney needs to realised that if someone starts whispering your name you need to get out rather than looking under the toilet stalls!

Not Mr Himbry! Although he should have realised that knocking on his door was not going to end well. When the police chief reveals the calls were made from Sidney’s dad phone I was shocked I won’t lie!

And so we arrive at the main part of the film when everyone is at the house party, Dewey brings Gale much to the dismay of Sidney and Tatum and I can’t say I’m surprised. When Tatum goes to collect beer, she doesn’t believe the person in the garage is the killer and thinks it’s one of the boys messing round ...... she shouldn’t be so laid back about it all and she may not have ended up dead and hanging from the garage door.

Everyone is sat in the living room watching a horror movie and discussing the rules of surviving a horror movie - the teens aren’t very happy with the rules, although had they paid more attention they may still be alive! With everyone leaving to go and see the principle hanging from the football posts, I was lulled into a false sense of security that everyone was going to be fine ...... I was wrong, very wrong.

When Billy and Sidney were in the room and the killer appears I felt bad for Billy thinking he was dead. Randy, behind you Randy, turn around! Sidney escapes to the van thinking she is safe but Kenny remembers the 30 second delay, but it’s too late and he gets his throat slashed!! When Dewey & Gale arrive back at the house, I was relieved thinking everyone was safe ..... this is the film that keeps on catching me out! Dewey appears in the doorway with a knife in his back like how many more people is this guy going to kill?

Once Sidney has gotten back into the house thinking she is safe, Billy appears and Oh. My. God he is the killer along with Stu! Oh. My. God. They killed her mother too! That I didn't see coming, I thought it was just Stu.

I must admit I felt like they spent way too much time talking to her and telling her what they were going to do and they chose to injure themselves BEFORE they killed her! Stu is obviously hurt too much and realises he is dying. Billy not happy when Sidney calls and plays him at his own game goes on a rampage to find and kill her! Sidney finds her in strength and kills both Stu and Billy to end the towns nightmare.

While I enjoyed this film it’s very jumpy so it’s not one I’d rush back to watch!


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