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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 5 - Poltergeist

I was fully expecting the little girl to go head first into the TV set or for something to come out and grab her ..... that was underwhelming! Let’s hope the rest is better!

I loved when the mum found the dead bird and said ‘couldn’t you have waited for a school day’ haha! The kid in the baseball hat seems to sense impending doom when he says that there is a storm coming, I feel that his mother should have paid more attention to his warning! There is also no way in hell I’d sleep in the same room as that creepy clown and counting the gap from the thunder to the lightening doesn’t make it any less scary!

At last we see the poltergeist and can I point out that Adam shit his pants when the hand came out the screen! 😂 I also don’t know if we should be worried that the little girl and it seems the dog are the only ones who can see the things from the TV?

The mother seems far too excited that the chair moves across the kitchen by itself, I’d be out of the house and setting it on fire on the way out! While the tree coming in through the window looks a bit tired and dated now, it’s still quite scary! Seriously who do you help? The kid being eaten by the tree or the kid being sucked into the closet vortex?!

How Did She Get Into The Tv?!

So they bring in the professionals who initially seem excited by what’s happened but the look on their faces when they open the door and the woman in the red top not being able to lift a cup without spilling it suggests they have never seen anything like this before! Also the dad looks rough!

It’s a bit weird when the little girl speaks to her family and then runs through her mother followed by a creepy spirit which frightens her away! The same spirit which clearly bit the man from the university who some interesting bite marks on his side and I don’t blame him for not wanting to go upstairs to check things during the night! I am really starting to feel sorry for this guy, they weird things keep happening to him!

The other dude really needs to not be wearing his headphones while on a steak out as he is missing the best bit! I will say the effects of the spirits are really quite good considering this film was made in the 80s!

Ohhh so they moved a cemetery to build the houses which is why there are so many souls in the house! The lady who comes to help the family explains that the souls are trapped but don’t realise they have died and they are relying on Carol-Ann to help then pass onto the next world! However telling her parents that she is trapped by a beast isn’t very helpful but I loved it when she said ‘Let’s Go Get Your Daughter’

Tangina seems to know her shit and proves this to everyone when she locates the entrance to the other world by throwing the tennis balls through! The exchange between Tangina and Diane when they are deciding who will go into the the vortex I found to be quite funny! The next few minutes are pretty intense and Stephen was very lucky as he didn’t do what he was told and he let go of the rope!

Everything seems like it’s back to normal - although they say Carol-Ann doesn’t seem fazed by the whole thing, the fact she detached the dolls head from its body is a little weird! I knew that bloody clown couldn’t be trusted he just tried to steal the little boy! The monster Stephen saw clearly didn’t want them in the house as he throws Diane around her room! I will admit the poltergeist is a bit creepy to look at! It made me really sad when Carol-Ann said ‘No more’ as she clearly remembers more than they thought!

Stephen returns home to the chaos of the house only to realise that the company who built the houses only moved the headstones and not the bodies before they built the house and so the souls of those left behind are not happy and I can’t say I blame them!!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this film! I loved the story line, the effects were good and it was scary enough but not so jumpy I spent the whole film scared of what was coming next!


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