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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 3 - Frankenstein

So this will be a fairly short review as essentially I wasn’t a fan!

The start of the film when Henry Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz are waiting for the funeral to be over before robbing the grave, I found to be quite funny and almost lulled you into a false sense of security as to what lay ahead!

The biggest issue I had when watching the film was the sound quality, parts of the film were so loud and sharp that I struggled to concentrate on what was going on. In particular he scene where the body of the monster is risen up during the storm was very loud and not very enjoyable!

Once the monster had been brought to life, the film seemed to pick up pace slightly! Baron Frankenstein added a no nonsense element and it is clear he doesn’t approve of his sons line of work. The death of Fritz by Frankensteins Monster I wasn’t surprised by as the poor guy was tormented by the hunchbacked assistant!

Frankensteins Monster is labelled as a scary monster which seems justified when he hurts Henry and then kills Dr Waldman, however when he plays with Maria we see his innocent side when he is dropping the flowers in the lake - that is until he lobs Maria in like a flower and she drowns!

As the preparations for the wedding are underway, there is a sense of unease which is noted by Elizabeth when she tells Henry she has been in a mood all day. To be fair she does end up locked in a room with him chasing her so it’s no wonder the poor girl fainted!

Again the scene where Maria’s father is carrying her body through the town, I found to be very loud and difficult to follow along with the somewhat erratic camera movements. It is after Maria is declared murder that an angry lynch mob are formed to find and kill him!

I feel sorry for Frankensteins Monster in this film as he is very much misunderstood. The first humans he comes into contact with torment him with fire and then fight him and lock him up and when he tries to be sweet he accidentally kills the little girl. It’s no wonder he is confused about how to act! The monsters demise after the end of the film is very underwhelming as he becomes trapped by a very dodgy falling beam!

As Adam kept reminding me, I understand its importance in horror, and at the time it released I'm sure it was great. But it just wasn't my cup of tea.


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