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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 25 - The Thing

So based on the back of the DVD I’m expecting this to essentially be Alien but in the snow!

So we start in Antarctica - so I got the snow big right - and a poor dog is being hunted by a shot gun toting man hanging out of a helicopter. Turns out he is Norwegian and he is chasing the dog towards the American base where he ends up accidentally blowing up the helicopter and then being shot by the base commander Garry. Mac and Copper, two of the Americans decide to go and investigate the Norwegian base and find a weird humanoid thing and bring it back to the base. Blair - The resident biologist - performs as autopsy and find human organs inside.

The dog that was being chased by the Norwegian is locked up with the other dogs, before it transforms into creepy looking thing and absorbs some of the other dogs. One of the men uses a flame thrower to destroy the thing, and Blair performs another autopsy which confirms the thing is able to imitate other living organisms. The team discover data left by the Norwegians - they aren’t a very careful team of scientists - and discover a spaceship partially buried in the snow. Blair loses his shit and goes on a rampage thinking the weird alien thing is going to destroy the Earth so the group lock him in the tool shed!

The team discover that the thing has imitated one of them and they need to discover which one of them it is. Essentially what follows is the team killing each other to work out who is the thing. Norris has a heart attack while McReady is holding them hostage with dynamite, however when doc is using the defib, his stomach opens up and bites Docs arms off - so that’s another 2 dead. Norris’ head survives and the thing tries to escape by turning into a spider form, but McReady is armed with a flame thrower and burns it! The team decide to do a test on their blood and they all pass except Palmer who then infects Windows and McReady and his flame thrower are called into action once more.

They then remember Blair is still in the tool shed so they go to get him but he has escaped! They realise Blair has been building things so blow up the tool shed and the hideaway they found underneath it. They head back to find Child’s is missing and the generator is busted. The remaining trio of McReady, Garry and Nauls decide to blow up the station, however Blair returns, kills Garry and makes Nauls disappear. Blair transforms into a giant creature and destroys the detonator but McReady uses dynamite to blow everything up.

Child’s shows up as McReady is watching the station burn, and says he got lost in the snow. They sip scotch and wait to die of hypothermia.

Overall this was a shit film and 2 hours of my life I’m not getting back ..... a big thumbs down from me sorry folks!


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