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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 24 - The Fly

So I’ve been warned not to eat anything while watching this film!

It’s a very dramatic start to the film and the kaleidoscope effects is hurting my head! Seth (Jeff Goldblum) fails epicly at flirting with Ronnie (Gina Davis) at a convention, but luckily for him she still goes home with him where he further tries to seduce her with his piano playing skills.

Ronnie seems somewhat unenthusiastic by Seths ‘designer phone booths’ which turn out to be telepods. Seth wants to show off his inventing prowess by showing off what his phone booths can do! He convinces Ronnie to take off her stocking - how the hell is he getting further than most people on a first date! Again Ronnie is not impressed until she realises that they aren’t in fact the worlds largest microwave - her words not mine - but a device that can move things from one place to another, she slowly starts to soften.

Seth seriously misjudged the situation when he realises Ronnie is a reporter who wants to tell the world about the invention. Ronnie’s boss however thinks the whole thing is a joke and that Seth is conning Ronnie! Seth rocks up and convinces Ronnie to go for a burger where he gets her to agree to hold off on the story and he can demonstrate its true potential!

Back at Ronnie’s apartment, her boss - and previous lover it seems - has let himself in and is having a shower. They discuss Seth with Ronnie telling Stathis she isn’t sure if she will continue reporting on him. So it turns out, currently Seth can only transport inanimate objects at the moment - that poor baboon got turned inside out!

Ronnie and Seth have sex and something Ronnie says inspires Seth to try and experiment with steak - to be honest I didn’t really get it but essentially Seth figures out that the teleport machine is making synthetic copies of the items being transported not the actual thing. He reprograms the machines to transport living things and he successfully transports another baboon - this one doesn’t turn inside out luckily! Ronnie goes to have a go at Stathis for the envelope he left for her and Seth turns into the jealous lover and thinks she is going back to him. After talking to the surviving baboon he decides to transport himself, however he fails to spot the fly that has gone into the pod after him - despite the baboon getting pissed off at it flying round its head before hand! Ahh so it worked and Seth thinks he is the dogs bollocks but I feel like the fly is going to have caused some issues - also it’s weird seeing him hug a baboon!

Ronnie comes back and Seth realises he was wrong and they have sex - again. Seth has turned into an Olympic gymnast and is doing the single parallel bars to burn off some energy. How much sugar do you need in a cup that small! Seth tells Ronnie he feels the best he has ever felt, and his sex drive is through the roof. Ronnie gets concerned when she sees hairs growing out of the cut on his back! After trying to convince her to go in the pods and her refusing, Seth storms off in a temper to a local bar.

At the bar he partakes in an arm wrestling match with someone who looks pretty darn strong - however is no match for Seth who snaps his arm! He takes home the lady from the bar - although I don’t know why cos he is starting to look a bit funky! He tries to impress the woman from the bar by showing her the telepods. Luckily for Tawny, Ronnie arrives back at the apartment before Seth makes her go into the telepods. He is not a fan of Ronnie questioning his invention and throws her out. He starts to lose his fingernails which is a bit gross and he suddenly realises that maybe Ronnie is right and uses the computer to discover there was a fly with him when he teleported.

A few weeks later he finally contacts Ronnie and boy does he look rough! Grim...he just spewed on his doughnut and his ear falls off. I love that he asks her for help - she tried to help you dickhead and you threw her out! Woah he can climb walls now - Ronnie looks like she is going to pass out! She tapes him demonstrating how he now has to eat his food - I’m glad we didn’t have to see it. Turns out she is pregnant with Seth’s baby and has a nightmare that she gives birth to a giant maggot - can’t say I blame her after she had sex with a human/fly hybrid!

Brundlefly - I can’t believe he gave himself that nickname - tries to get the computer to reduce the amount of fly in him however it doesn’t recognise his voice anymore. Ronnie goes to visit Seth to tell him about the baby but she leaves when he tells her he will hurt her if she stays. She convinces Stathis to arrange an abortion for her however they don’t realise Brundlefly is listening. Before the abortion can be done Brundle fly jumps in through a window - disclosure Adam jumped a mile at this bit - and kidnaps Ronnie telling her she can’t get rid of the baby as this may be the last bit of him left.

Stathis arrives at the lab armed with a shot gun, however Seth spews on him causing his arm and leg to be destroyed by the acid produced by Brundlefly! Luckily for Stathis, Ronnie arrives at the right time and stops Seth spewing on his face! Seth tries to convince her to go in he telepod again - although she wouldn’t go in before she knew what happened to him so I can’t see her being too keen on going in now! So she accidentally rips his jaw off causing him to go full fly on her (this bit looks a bit tired now!) Stathis is still alive - how I legit don’t know - but he is a knight in shining armour and breaks the cables connecting Ronnie’s pod to the computer, saving her life - considering I wasn’t a fan of his to start he has defo grown on me! Brundlefly gets transported after fusing with the telepod. He crawls out of the telepod and asks Ronnie to kill him and end his suffering. She reluctantly agrees and shoots him in the head.

I enjoyed this film, I just thought it was a little slow but I would happily watch it again!


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