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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 21 - The Funhouse Massacre

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

I’m not really sure what they see in the news reporter she looks a bit creepy to me! The fact that the guy running the place says ‘There are people here even God is afraid of’ makes me glad I am nowhere near this place!

Animal the cannibal makes me feel sick the way he licks the spoon! If the dentist wasn’t such a psycho, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed he is hot! Who the hell is this woman she is not even slightly scared! Oh so a cult leader who got everyone to agreed to burn to death ..... he seems pleasant! I knew she couldn’t be trusted! Faking fainting, seducing Freddy Krueger and then murdering him! She defo should have been locked up in here too! Turns out supermax only works when you haven’t got some loony woman letting everyone out!

A murder has taken place (let’s take a guess at who did this) and a clearly new police officer gets a bit overexcited in re-enacting how he thinks she has died and contaminated the scene, it looks like a standard stabbing until the Sheriff looks at the victim to see her eyes sewn shut!

A group of co-workers from a local restaurant are trying to decide if they go to a local Halloween scary night that includes a maze based on the real like mass suicide by the cult leader Mental Manny - who has just escaped the psycho hospital so this is going to be interesting!

Turns out Dollface is good as seducing men to get what she wants! Having seduced Dennis, the Land of Illusions creator, into basing his horror park around the murders completed by our escapes friends from the asylum, they start killing the actors hired to play them during the evening. Woah...Dollface aka The Stitch Face Killer is Mental Mannys daughter! Dennis is dead and Rocco the clown drags him off while wearing the face of the guy hired to play him which is grim.

No, I actually gagged at the guy eating skin off his chin! 🤢🤮 So the event opens and slowly but surely the visitors are being killed off by the free psychos! Surely they must realise that these are not fake deaths?! Don’t worry hun they 100% won’t jump out as they are dead! I think the Taxidermist is my favourite!

Christina and Jason have sex (again) but little do they know Dollface is watching them - one of them is done for! Yup Christina get killed by Dollface, to be honest she tried to fight back but it didn’t work! The Sheriff rocks up to the motel crime scene only to discover The Stitchface Killer aka Dollface is behind the murder! Christina’s body is found by the group and the group leg it when Dollface appears however the front gate is locked so they can’t escape! Rocco kills Randall and the group realise this is real!

Deputy Doyle seems far to excited to be going to going to the asylum. Mikey’s death is pretty damn gruesome, swiftly followed by Jason! Morgan escapes by climbing under the fence and Laurie tells him to go get help before running back into the funhouse. Gerardo gets scared by a dying woman who slams on car window. The sheriff’s department go to the asylum and discover the blood bath left by the escaped convicts!

Deputy Doyle seriously needs to go back to police school as he just shot Morgan who had tried to get help! The sheriff gives Morgan a gun and tells him he will help them kill the group. Gerardo arrives and joins the rescue group! Laurie possibly stupidly attacks Dr Suave but manages to kill him although I’m not sure what she thought she would achieve by jumping on his back!

The two DJs get murdered by Mental Manny in front of the entire crowd who realise this is no longer part of the act and people are actually being murdered! Sheriff Kate is revealed to be a ex member of Mannys cult in a flashback while the psychos going on an epic killing spree - Rocco ripping the guys head off has to be the worst kill of the film it’s so unrealistic and fake looking! Rocco gets stabbed by Gerardo and the group leg it! Doyle shoots the taxidermist - after Laurie tells him he is defo a bad guy, Doyle proceeds to throw up so I’m not convinced he is cut out to be a cop!

Doyle and the group come up with a plan of who they will kill, Morgan and Laurie finally kiss and promise each other they won’t die so they can have a date. Kate shoots Manny in the leg and chases after him followed the Dollface. Gerardo and Morgan go after Tubby Chef. Kate catches up with Manny and shoots him in the head after he mocks her and her mother. The two chefs have a face off and Morgan arms himself with a frying pan before the duo burn Tubby Chef’s face on a grill, they seems excited until they pull him off to see if he is done!

Doyle finds himself face to face with Rocco the clown and tries to sweet talk him into not killing him! Oh my god for the first time in this film Doyle is cool and shoots Rocco. Kate and Dollface fight and stab each other to death which is witnessed by Laurie. The survivors Doyle, Morgan, Gerardo and Laurie escape the park with Morgan saying he can’t believe they escaped - obvs he is going to die! Right on que Rocco appears and smashes Morgan into the floor killing him. Doyle orders the dumbstruck deputies to shoot him before shooting him himself to be sure.

Laurie gets treated in an ambulance before the EMTs bring in Kate who has survived her attack. Laurie however realises it is in fact Dollface wearing Kates skin! The ambulance is crashed on the side of the road and Dolllface skips off merrily, I wonder what happened to Laurie!

I actually really enjoyed this film, it was funny and not jumpy at all! It had a decent amount of gore although some of the kills looked a bit fake!

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