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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 20 - The Conjuring 2

Nope I am not looking forward to this! Annabelle scared the shit out of me so I don’t know why I've agreed to watch this.

So a family has literally run away from their home and yet this couple are happy to go in and find out who’s there. We start sat around a table watching essentially a seance which is essentially going to end badly. Lorraine starts to see what has happened and as she walks around the rooms in the house she is walking in the killers footsteps. I really liked that we can visually follow Lorraine around the house and seeing what she see. The ghost of one of the children killed makes Lorraine follow him down to the cellar where she sees Ed being impaled and the nun demon for the first time.

We are next taken to Enfield in England where we meet Janet Hodgson and her family. Janet and her sister asked a home made ouija board questions but gets no reply. During the night strange occurrences start to happen at the house. Janet starts sleepwalking and talking to an angry old man who sits in the armchair downstairs who tells her this is his home. Janet also starts sleepwalking and strange things like Billy’s train moving in the middle of the night.

Once the whole family have witnessed these strange events, they take refuge with their neighbours and the media become interested - obviously they would anything for a story! Janet is publicly possessed by Bill Wilkins - the old man in the chair - and he tells them (through Janet) that he enjoys tormenting the family and wants them to leave his house. Ed and Lorraine hear about Janets story and are asked to find out if Janets possession is a hoax or not. Lorraine is worried her vision of Ed dying by being impaled will become a reality - to be fair the amount of visions she has had that have come true I’m not surprised she is worried! The nun reappears - I fucking hate that nun - and tells Lorraine it’s name which she writes in her diary - I guess that’s going to come in useful later!

Ed and Lorraine stay at the house with two other paranormal investigators called Maurice and Anita. They are shown a video of Janet trashing her kitchen but it looks like a prank so the possession is classed as a hoax and they leave - but bloody rude if you ask me! After listening to some tape recordings of their conversation with Wilkins through Janet, they realise that he is being controlled by the nun and attempting to break Janets will!

Ed and Lorraine go back to the house to find all hell breaking loose! Janet is possessed and the rest of the family are locked outside not able to help her - to be honest I think I’d rather be locked outside than inside with a possessed girl! Ed manages to get inside the house and find Janet ready to kill herself by jumping out of a window, luckily he manages to grab her but he is risking falling with her. Conveniently a bolt of lightening strikes the tree in the front garden and the fixture that Lorraine say Ed become impales on appears - yup Ed you should have listened to Lorraine and waited for her!

Lorraine remembers she wrote the name of the demon in her diary and knows the power of calling a demon by its name. The creepy nun is in the corner of the room so Lorraine needs to act fast! She addresses the demon by its name and it is sent back to hell. This releases Janet from her possession and Lorraine manages to rescue her and Ed from the impending disaster that would have awaited them had they fallen on the tree.

Back home they add the Haunted Crooked Man Zoetape that was Billy’s to their collection alongside April’s music box and the Annabelle doll!

This film was not one I was a fan of. The Crooked Man was bloody terrifying and that friggin Nun was even worse. I spent the entire film on edge! Far too jumpy for me thanks! I’d be happy to never watch this one again.


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