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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 13 - Friday the 13th

So we start by listening to a group of teenagers innocently singing around a fire, before 2 of them sneak off for some no so innocent fun! Someone is stalking the teenagers in the house and first strikes the two young lovers.

22 years later and we meet Annie on her way to Camp Crystal Lake. All of the locals warn her against going up there but she is adamant she will be fine! Up at Camp Crystal Lake 3 more teens arrive ready to work, The owner Steve seems besotted with Alice who is clearly uncomfortable. Annie doesn’t seems to have even made it to the camp which isn’t a great sign! Oh wait she just got into some random strangers car - she defo isn’t getting to camp!

The rest of the teens are down at the lake when Ned decides to fool them by pretending to drown, followed by all of them causing havoc in the cabin trying to get rid of a snake which one of them chops up with a machete! The arrival of a police officer looking for Ralph the town crazy makes me feel like Ralph is going to end of dead on the camp somewhere. Oh wait no he is just hiding in the pantry and tells the teens they are doomed if they stay there.

Walking on your own and following a shadowy figure into an abandoned cabin is NEVER going to end well! Here comes the storm, just to add a bit more tension! Do people not realise that having sex in a horror movie always ends in death?! Well fuck me! I literally jumped a mile when he died by being stabbed from under the bed.

It’s not Jack hun, I wouldn’t go out there if I was you cos you are going to die! Oh chick don't do it! Ahh this film is putting me on edge! Ooof what a death - axe to the head. Steve has finally decided it’s time to head back to see his 6 counsellors, which are now 3!

Where is that voice coming from? This is not going to be good! I knew it! So the two of them would rather walk around a dark went campsite than stay in the cabin locked in! Steve didn’t even get to catch up with his counsellors because he got himself killed before hand! He just said ‘I’ll be right back’ that means there is no way he is coming back! I love that she is calling bill as if he is still alive - the body pinned to the door by arrows suggests otherwise!

Alice I really wouldn’t make friends with Mrs Voorhees - it is not going to end well! This woman is psycho everyone is going to die cos she didn’t teach her kid to swim! What the hell she is the voice Alice could hear was her all along! Okay so good defence skills so far but she needs to kill her to make sure! If your going to hide you seriously need to be quieter than that! This woman needs to die of Alice is never getting rid of her! I mean that’s one way to kill her by my god that was awful and tired looking!

Just when you think she is saved mouldy Jason leaps out from the lake - was it a dream?!

I actually quite enjoyed this film, it was enough scary, jumpy and gory for me to enjoy it rather than spending the whole film on edge! I may be more inclined to watch some of the sequels now.


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