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Ceris' 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Day 12 - Evil Dead II

Ash and some blonde lady are off to stay at a cabin in the woods - never a good start! Not long after that arrive they play a recording of the last person who lived in the cabin who just so happens to be reading passages from the book of the dead, I get the feeling this isn’t going to end well!

Yup, I was right! The book releases an evil spirit which kills and possesses Linda and turns her into a deadite however luckily Ash finds a shovel and manages to decapitate her - what is she made of? Paper? Ash also gets possessed but seems to be able to fight off the spirit and races back to the cabin in the woods ..... alone.

Wow, the graphics where the woman is dancing by the tree are really bad! Linda is back - well deadite Linda - and she tries to attack Ash who decapitates her again and puts her head in a vice. Linda’s body runs in brandishing a chainsaw but Ash manages to slice the body in half and kill Lindas head.

Ash’s hand has become possessed - I don’t understand how just his hand can be possessed but anyway - so he decides the best course of action is to chop it off with the chainsaw as you do!

Who the hell does the denim clad chick want cos she certainly isn’t cool! After Annie & Ed convince Jake & Bobby Jo to take them to the cabin in the woods despite their warnings things start to get even weirder than before!

Anne has a meltdown as her parents aren’t in the cabin and thinking Ash did it she punches him before they all lock him in the cellar - a bit dramatic if you ask me! They listen to the same recording Ash did and discover that Henrietta was possessed and Annie’s dad killed her and locked her in the cellar - which is were they have just stupidly locked Ash and we all know demons don’t die!

Things get a bit crazy here and it’s difficult to keep track! Henrietta possess Ed, Ash kills Ed with an axe, Bobby Jo gets killed by the demon trees and Jake holds them hostage to go look for her. Ash becomes possessed again - seriously this guy needs to be more careful - and hurts Jake. Annie runs away - sensible girl - but accidentally stabs Jake thinking he is deadite Ash. Thinking she is helping him she drags him to the cellar - but obvs Henrietta is there and kills him!

Ash tries to kill Annie but stops when he sees Linda’s necklace and turns back into normal Ash - I wasn’t aware you could be a dead demon and then not! This is the moment Ash gets his signature hand in the form of a chainsaw and ensures Henrietta is 100% dead!

The woods decide they are going to get in on the action and start destroying the cabin and Ash’s severed hand clearly doesn’t like being replaced so stabs Annie in the back. Annie manages to read the second half of the incarnation from the dead book - thank god cos I’m getting bored now - before she dies.

Ash, the demon and the book are transported to 1300AD where Ash kills the deadite in front of a crowd who then think he is the dogs bollocks.

Not going to lie this film is very dated and very boring. Considering I enjoy the Ash vs Evil Dead series, I was surprised how much I didn't like this one. Not one I will watch again!


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