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You Can Now Take a Virtual Tour of Dracula's Castle

If you're struggling a bit with this quarantine at the moment, we may have found something to cheer you up and keep you busy (for a little while at least). You can now take a virtual tour of Bran Castle.


The beautiful yet eerie castle, located in Bran, Romania inspired the living quarters of one of horror's most iconic characters- Dracula. Whilst there has been many film and TV adaptations of Dracula, his Castle has always remained somewhat similar to this creepy location in Romania.

Now thanks to Google, you can take a virtual tour of the castle from the safety of your own home whilst adhering to quarantine/lockdown rules. On the upside you won't need any crucifixes or garlic to stay safe on a virtual tour...

So if you fancy it, you can take as much time as you want exploring the Castle for FREE. And get a even closer look at the truly beautiful location that went on to scare millions of horror fans since Bela Lugosi first donned the cape in 1931.

You can take the tour HERE.

If Bran Castle doesn't take your fancy, there are now virtual tours for other creepy venues around the world that are open to everyone. You can take a virtual tour of the incredibly creepy and infamous Winchester Mansion. The mansion located in San Jose, California is allegedly one of the most haunted houses in the world. You can take the virtual tour (for a fee) HERE. Or if you're feeling really brave, virtual tours of the Catacombs underneath Paris are also available HERE.

Enjoy folks!


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