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Trick 'r Treat 2 in "Very Active Development".

Since the film first released back in 2007, we've always remained hopeful that one day we may get a follow up to the fantastic Halloween anthology from Michael Dougherty. The film has grown in popularity over the years and is regarded as a Halloween must watch by many within the horror community. And it may look like our prayers may finally have been answered.

The fan favourite Trick 'r Treat recently screened at Beyond Fest with the writer-director Michael Dougherty himself. And much to everyone's delight he shared the news that Trick 'r Treat is in very active development. As announced via Beyond Fest's Twitter page-

We can finally share the news! @Mike_Dougherty announced tonight that he’s in “active development” with @Legendary on the sequel for TRICK ‘R TREAT and that everyone wants it to happen. Get ready for more from Sam. #trickrtreat @trickrtreat @am_cinematheque

Dougherty is working with Legendary Pictures on the planned sequel that's set to bring everyone's favourite Halloween mascot Sam back to the big screen. And whilst Dougherty revealed that the film is not yet green-lit, it is in very active development with both himself and Legendary excited at the prospect of it.

What can we expect from the film if it does get the green-light? In short, not a clue. Hopefully it'll stay true to the first and feature a series of inter-connected stories and of course the beloved Sam. I doubt we'll get his origin story anytime soon though as Dougherty also revealed (at the Beyond Fest screening) he would never tell Sam's origin story, only stating he's very old. "He feels explaining too much about the monster takes away its power. "

And in an interesting turn of events, the first film was meant to feature four horror icons directing different stories within the film.

"Stan Winston was originally going to produce Trick ‘r Treat and the plan was to have Winston, John Carpenter, George Romero and Tobe Hooper each direct one of the four stories." - Thank you to Eric Goldman (@TheEricGoldman) for the extra info

That would've been cool to see, but Doughtery delivered a fantastic holiday classic in the end. Fingers crossed the film does actually take off this time; much to fans dismay this isn't the first time we have had announcements like this over the years. We'll update with any other news regarding this when it releases.

In other news, whilst we wait patiently for the sequel, the original 2007 is getting released into cinemas here across the UK this October thanks to Odeon Cinemas.


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