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Good Times. Bad Times. End Times.

I began watching Supernatural when it first aired back in 2005. I was 23 years old. The show quickly became my newest replacement for Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The X-Files, both shows having finished their run a couple of years prior to Supernatural's first episode.

The first five minutes of the pilot episode perfectly sets up the show and its characters.

A dark and gritty opening to which I immediately knew I'd found my next favourite show; this was back in the day when there wasn't a plethora of horror tv shows, and after Buffy and X-Files, I was in need of something new. Everything about the pilot episode was perfect; the dark and eerie atmosphere, the intense opening, the well presented ghost story of the Lady In White, and all the seeds and hooks needed to pull a viewer in, right up to the cliffhanging end. And the events that unfold throughout the episode, haunt every fibre of our two main characters, Sam and Dean, right up until the finale episode 15 years later.

I will admit, I didn't watch the show religiously for 15 years. I started to lose track of the show back in 2010, after Season 5's final, Swan Song - which was intended to be the last ever episode.

The Showrunner and series creator Eric Kripke originally envisioned Supernatural as a five-season story arc. But much like when they tried to finish Buffy 's story arc (with her death!) the ratings and fanbase were too high, and as Kripke said

'you close a chapter on a big mythology storyline and then you begin a new one.'

- so, The CW renewed the series for a sixth season with Executive Producer Sera Gamble replacing Kripke as Showrunner.

I did continue to watch, and still enjoyed, but like many long running shows, life gets in the way, or about 100 other shows get in the way. So I'd lose track for a few years, then dip back in and have a little binge party catch up. I always knew I was going to continue with the show, one way or another. I am a completist, and I had a lot of love for the show (as well as Ackles and Padalecki).

On hearing the news that Season 15 was going to be the last ever one, I knew I needed to get on with catching up. It was during lockdown that I decided to binge what I'd missed so far, which apparently seemed to be 5 seasons worth!!

But, you know, it's lockdown! What else was I gonna do?

Whilst the show on a whole had very many highs and lows, the most exciting part for us horrors fans is the fact there is no shortage of creatures that go bump in the night in the world of Supernatural, especially when it comes to each season's BIG BAD. For fifteen years, Sam and Dean have traveled the country in a cherry 1967 Chevy Impala, taking down monsters galore, and

'Saving the world! A lot!'

Coming face to face with the likes of Azazel (the Yellow-Eyes Demon), Lilith, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Lucifer. Each season trying to out do the previous Big Bad. When the Winchester brothers went up against the likes of Crowley and even the Leviathan - the first creations of God having escaped from Purgatory, I began to wonder how the show can keep topping itself. Well, after having to defeat the likes of Metatron, the Scribe of God in Season 8 they were then up against Arc Angel Michael (from an alternate dimension) and even God's Sister Amara (The Darkness)...

What could possibly top that for its final ever season? Well, GOD of course! How it got to the point where God was bored with his creations and wanted to destroy everything is a rather convoluted story, so I won't indulge.

Season 15 was a good one, mainly due to the fact it knew it was to end, so they had a lot of fun bringing back old characters, from family and friends to evil foes! It almost felt like a Best Of Album and it was an exciting road to travel!

As with many of my reviews, I wont go too deeply into specifics or spoilers for those who've yet to drive the final road, but I thought it was a great tactic ending the season's overarching storyline in the penultimate episode. This meant that 'Carry On', the very final episode, was 42 minutes of saying a fond farewell to Sam and Dean after 15 years. A true series finale that many shows aren't graceful enough to give their fans.

A lot of fans have commented on the lack of the other surviving characters appearing in the final episode, but it seems they forgot each and every one of those characters that are important within the Supernatural lore, were all present within the final season itself. The very last episode was about the Winchester brothers. The show started with them, and it finished with saying goodbye to them.

Granted, this final episode won't appease all fans for many reasons, but for me personally, I felt it was a bitter sweet goodbye that was very fitting for such a long travelled road.


Carry on, my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more!

Review by Craig Fisher.


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