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Shudder's brand new documentary series will explore cursed films.

Over the years we've heard numerous tales of wierd and unexplainable things happening on film horror film sets, which in turn lead to people thinking the film was in fact cursed. We're talking stunt harnesses breaking and injuring cast members on the set of The Exorcist, the helicopter crash in The Twilight Zone: The Movie, Brandon Lee's death on the set of The Crow, the various mishaps during production of The Omen, The MacNeil house set for The Exorcist mysteriously burning down or the infamous Poltergeist curse that some believe caused the deaths of four cast members.

Well Shudder's new documentary series explores all of them!

Shudder's NEW docuseries 'Cursed Films' explores all the mysteries, myths and legends surrounding some of Hollywood's notoriously cursed productions.

The films examined include (in order) The Exorcist, The Omen, The Twlight Zone: The Movie and The Crow. The series starts April 2nd and finishes April 16th.

Showrunner Jay Cheel has promised a look at the alleged curses surrounding these productions.

"Cursed Films will reveal the events that haunted these productions through interviews with experts, witnesses and the cast, directors and producers who lived through the real-life events."

Among those interviewed will be Halloween Producer Ryan Turek, Exorcist star Linda Blair, Poltergeist III director Gary Sherman, horror legends Michael Berryman and Kane Hodder, The Omen director Richard Donner and many more.

I genuinely cannot wait to see this! It looks fantastic!

You can watch the trailer for the docuseries on our Facebook Page (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) and check out the poster by Matt Ryan Tobin below.


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